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Chapter 2335: Youre Not Prioritizing Harmony

“Dont forget, we came over to represent our schools.

Our attitude also represents the schools attitude.

We cant forge enmity between our schools just because of our own whims of the moment,” Wu Zilin said righteously.

Guo Hai almost cussed when he heard that.

“You can just represent yourself, you dont need to represent your school.

You have no right to represent your school anyway.

Plus, we are a team formed from all four schools, so even if you can represent your Donghua Academy of Drama, you cant represent the other three schools we come from.

“Previously, when we were being bullied, did this school ever worry that enmity would brew” Guo Hai asked coldly.

“If the other side cared about the friendship between the parties, then we would not have been in such an awkward predicament right from the start.

We wont have kept waiting for Lu Man to come so that our situation would change for the better.

“If we really asked for leniency now, no one would be grateful to us.

They would only look down on us even more,” Guo Hai said.

“We already had bad blood from the start, so whats the use of pretending to be nice now It wont achieve anything at all.

“Wu Zilin, youre not prioritizing harmony.

You are just sugarcoating your own cowardice,” Guo Hai said coldly.

Whether it was because of Guo Hais attitude or because his true intentions had been ruthlessly exposed by him, Wu Zilins expression turned pale.

“If theres anything you dont like, we can all get together and discuss it afterward.

But right now, we are supposed to stand on the same side.

The rest of us are not saying anything, so you can stop trying to make yourself stand out,” Guo Hai said.

“Whats the point of talking about it afterward!” Wu Zilin was infuriated.

Guo Hai saw that he actually felt that he was being reasonable, that he was doing it for their own good.

He thought that he had already convinced Wu Zilin the first time around.

He did not expect that Wu Zilin would actually be so insistent.

It seemed like he would not be able to convince Wu Zilin any time soon, so Guo Hai could not be bothered to talk to him.

“I still have to go back and watch Howard slap himself.

I wont waste time with you here.” Guo Hai turned and left.

After thinking of something, he stopped and said to him, “Its no use even if you disagree.

I will still stop you and not let you speak.

So, you can just let Howard successfully finish slapping himself twice.”

He did not want to miss such an exciting scene, so after he said that, he quickly ran back in.

The moment he went in, he happened to see Howard raising his hand.

Guo Hai heaved a sigh of relief.

“Luckily, I arrived in time.”

And luckily, he had used Chinese to say it.

Besides his teammates, the others did not understand what he said.

Howard was already on the brink of exploding from anger, after all.

If he heard him say that just now, he would definitely have spat out blood.

Right on the heels of that, he saw Howard slap himself once with a “piak.”

Before anyone could react, Howard quickly slapped himself a second time.

Anyway, he had already embarrassed himself, so he might as well finish it off quickly.

That was what Howard thought.

So, after he quickly slapped himself twice, Howard swiftly stood up, burrowed his head down, and ran off without a word.

He also did not care if there were other demands anymore.

Howards mind was whirring loudly right now.

He had no ability to think at all, much less think about what he had said himself previously and whether there were other demands.

He just thought that, whether there were other demands or not, he would not care.

He definitely had to leave.

This time, Lu Man indeed did not stop him.

Because there were no other demands, so she naturally let Howard leave.

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