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Chapter 2331: Want to Act As If It Never Happened

Everyone was stunned.

Was it not

It was mainly because the highest grade Howell would give in the past was an A, so everyone thought that the maximum was an A .

So it wasnt

“My full marks is anS,” Howell said, “So, if you think getting an A is quite good, actually, theres still some gap.”

Everybody: “…”

After the performance and feedback, the class ended just like that.

Howell laid out the content for the class performance next week and left.

But the others did not leave yet.

They wanted to see how Howard was going to wrap this up.

Howard even wanted to seize the chance to leave, as if the bet had never existed.

Anyway, from today until just before the competition, he could just avoid Lu Man on campus and not see her.

Howard wanted to seize the chance to leave amid the mess.

“Howard,” Lu Man called.

Lu Man was not the only person there.

She had her teammates too.

Guo Hai quickly pulled Tan Mingxiao and the other guys.

There were five of them in total, blocking Howard completely.

Although the five of them were slightly shorter than Howard, there were many of them.

With five grown men blocking his way, it was quite tight, so Howard alone was not enough to get past them.

Howard lost once more to Lu Man.

Even Leo and the others did not stand together with Howard.

They could not afford to embarrass themselves like this.

Losing once might be a matter of luck.

But he lost twice in a row.

This clearly showed that it was a problem with his ability.

This also proved that Howard really could not compare to Lu Man.

They thought of how Howard had been so arrogant to Lu Man just now, even initiating such a bet, and they found it really ridiculous.

No wonder Lu Man looked as if she did not care about Howard at all.

This was not Lu Man being arrogant.

Its that their capabilities were really not on par.

Yet Howard had kept provoking her even though his capability was so weak.

If this had happened to them, they would not be able to tolerate it either!

And since hed agreed to that bet, he should be willing to admit defeat.

Anyway, hed asked for it first.

It was not Lu Man who suggested it.

Hed wanted to find trouble and even looked as if he was surely going to win, looking down on her all the while.

Now that hed lost, he wanted to act as if it never happened

Even Howards classmates did not stand on his side now.

This included the people whod scorned Han Leilei and the others at first.

They even stopped talking to Howard.

Even they felt embarrassed.

Hed initiated the challenge.

If he had won, he would have added to their prestige.

That he lost was already very embarrassing, yet he still wanted to act as if it never happened and refused to honor the bet.

They really lost both face and reason at the same time.

Han Leilei was the first to react.

She wanted to go and stop Howard.

Guo Hai was the one who held her back.

Who knew what Howard would do in a fit of anger due to humiliation.

“How can we let a girl like you do such a thing” After saying that, Guo Hai brought the boys over to stop Howard.

Howard was enraged due to the humiliation.

This bunch of people actually did not know when to stop!

Tan Mingxiao just said, “The bet between you and Lu Man isnt over yet.

Nows not the right time for you to leave.”

Howard clenched his teeth and said, “Ill find another time to settle it.”

“No need.” Lu Man walked over.

When Howard heard Lu Man say that, he even thought to himself, was Lu Man so easygoing that she didnt need him to go down on his knees to apologize

Howard could not help but recall with mockery, didnt the Chinese people always talk about requiting evil with kindness

To show that they were magnanimous and had a big heart.

If they won against you, they would forgive you magnanimously so theyd look as if they had a better moral character.

As he thought of that, he saw Lu Man come to a stop in front of him.

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