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“When Old Madam Han found out that Brother Beicheng was dating Lin Chu, she took up the chicken feather duster and hit Brother Han.

The next time Brother Han met us, he did not even dare to sit!”

The image was too strong, and unconsciously, it played like a movie in Lu Mans head.

Imagining the manly, handsome Han Zhuoli being chased around by Old Madam Han and being beaten by a chicken feather duster as well as having his ears being pulled, Lu Man was in hysterics, laughing until she teared up.

“I am allowed to come home now!” Han Zhuoli puffed out his chest, very proud, holding Lu Mans hand as if holding someone who was backing him up, “I told my Old Master and Old Madam as well as my Mom and Dad that I have a girlfriend now!”

With a girlfriend, his status at home had also increased.

Nan Jingheng shook his head in pity.

“I originally thought that since I and Yian are going to get married soon, I just need to tell that to Old Madam Han and then Brother Han cannot escape from a beating, but who knew that Brother Han would actually manage to get a girlfriend!”

Lu Man: “…”

So Nan Jingheng had harbored such thoughts.

This was a rare time for everyone to be together and they had come over especially to meet Lu Man.

Now that everyone had their own families, they did not stay too late.

They just ate some refreshing and light dishes for supper and spent most of their time chit-chatting.

Seeing that it was almost 12 oclock, they all went their own way.

Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man home, and on the way home, Han Zhuoli said, “I have already told my family about you, upon finding a good time Ill bring you home to meet them.”

Even though it was not even the day she was meeting his parents, Lu Man was already so nervous that she was breathing hitched.

She and Han Zhuoli had just gotten together just sometime back, meeting his parents so fast, she… she had not prepared herself for it yet.

Unknowingly, the car had already reached below Lu Mans house, after parking his car, Han Zhouli switched off the engine.

“You dont need to worry, Ive already met your parents, so sooner or later, itll be your turn too,” Han Zhuolis low voice rung in the enclosed car.

At that time, raising his hand up, Han Zhouli switched on the light in his car.

Lu Man: “…”

How was this situation the same as him meeting her parents

“When you told your family members about me, what were their thoughts” Lu Man was very worried, the Han Family had yet to meet her but their first impression was not good already.

Han Zhuoli did not want to hide it from her, wanting her to be prepared when she really meets his family members.

“The two old people and my parents dont care much about family background, they only look at a persons personality and character.

Its just that the old madam has not met you and likes simple, plain girls and because she saw the news about the issues between you and Lu Qi, she has some misunderstanding about you,” Han Zhuoli could not bear to repeat the old madams original words, which would probably make Lu Man more uncomfortable.

Lu Man was quiet for a moment.

“She doesnt like me scheming right.”

Han Zhuoli sighed silently, his girl being too smart had this negative point, he just could not hide anything from her.

All he needed to do was reveal a little and she understood everything already.

“She does not know you closely and did not understand your point of view and misjudged you on the basis of the online news, thats not fair.

As soon as she sees you, she will not think that way,” Han Zhuoli said.

But Lu Man was not as confident as him, “Do you not like how scheming I am”

Unbuckling his seatbelt, Han Zhouli turned his body to face Lu Man completely, “You know what I told Old Mrs.

Han A scheming person not always bad.

If someone schemes with an ulterior bad motive, then that disgusts me.

But if scheme with a good motive, thats smart and wise.

Youre smart, you never used your intelligence to harm others and only used it to convert trouble into something beneficial again and again.”


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