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Chapter 2316: All Visitors Are Our Guests

“Who said so!” Howard retorted angrily.

“Arent you here to attend classes As long were in the same class, I will still have the chance.”

Lu Man nodded and said with the attitude of a victor, “Okay, then, I will wait for it.

Hopefully, you wont let me down.”

Howard was so enraged that his anger got all pent up in his chest and was stuck there.

He was unable to stomach it or vent it out.

Lu Mans attitude even seemed as if she was dealing with him from a position of strength.

Most importantly, Howard did not think he was the weak one!

“You dont need to gloat.

You won once by luck and you really think that youre capable enough” Howard scoffed and said, “You also know Im from the second-string team.

Back then, to win against us, you guys worked so hard.

You were all even mentally prepared to lose.

“The people who are competing with you this time are the people from our top team.

You already had such a hard time winning against us and you still want to compete with the top team You guys will have to go back crying this time!”

Lu Man threw a super nonchalant glance at him and said, “You lost to me.

What right do you have to boast in front of me Winning against you guys was difficult I think you misunderstood something.

Why dont you go back and watch the video of the competition and see in what way was it difficult for us to win It was more like a slam-dunk win, okay”


Even Leo wanted to scold Howard.

Did this person have no brains or what

Was he afraid that other people had already forgotten how disgracefully theyd lost!

He even had to remind them all about this.

He was asking to be pissed off by Lu Man!

Lu Man did not need to say anything else.

All she needed to say was that shed won against him before.

No matter what Howard said, there was no way he could deny that he lost to Lu Man.

“Howard!” A sound interrupted Howard, not giving him a chance to continue talking.

“Its Oren!”

“Oren is here!”

Lu Man seemed to have heard the name Oren from somewhere before.

Han Leilei reminded her at the side, “Oren is the ace of the top team.

Hes starring in a popular American drama series right now.

Its into its third season.

Hed even starred in a few movies with good box office ratings.

This summer, theres also a highly anticipated movie coming out, one which he starred in.

Be it in popularity or achievements, he has things that Howard cant compare to.”

“I was wondering why his name sounded so familiar,” Lu Man said in realization.

At this moment, Oren had already walked over.

“Howard, as visitors, they are all our guests.

Dont be rude,” Oren said.

Be it in terms of his fame or capabilities, he was above Howard.

So in front of Oren, Howard could only be obedient.

Howard was still feeling resentful and said, “Its because she was way too disrespectful.”

Lu Man rolled her eyes right in front of them.

She wondered who was really being disrespectful.

Howard came to look for trouble the moment he arrived.

Was she not supposed to retort, then

A big grown man like him was actually behaving more sensitively than a lady like her.

Oren threw a glare at Howard before turning to Lu Man and the others and saying, “I apologize for his rude behavior.”

“Its fine, Im used to it,” Lu Man said.

Howard: “…”

Oren: “…”

Even Oren did not know how to reply to those words.

Lu Man did not know Oren well.

But based on first impressions, although Oren appeared very polite, sometimes, this kind of politeness was also a form of arrogance.

Oren smiled and said, “It looks like Howards rude behavior has come up too often.

A simple apology indeed doesnt sound very sincere.”

No matter what, at least Oren appeared very polite now.

So Lu Man also stood up to speak to him.

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