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Chapter 2309: Also in a Very Awkward Situation

For instance, before they took the entrance exams to enroll in the film academies, they would especially have to engage teachers to teach them before their performing arts exams.

One lesson would cost around tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

It all depended on the standard and reputation of those teachers.

Hence, the financial circumstances of the families of those students majoring in performing arts must not be bad.

So, they usually could not be bothered to eat at the canteens and allow other people to roll their eyes at them.

They would just eat at a restaurant outside the school, unafraid to spend a little more money on food.

“Okay.” Zhou Li also nodded in agreement.

They did not like to worry about eating at the canteen under normal circumstances.

Now that Lu Man had arrived, they would surely attract more hate.

Zhou Li did not even dare to think how much those people would pick on Lu Man when they saw her.

Lu Man was not afraid of being picked on, but she did not want to have to deal with all those annoying issues even when she was eating.

So everyone happily agreed.

When it was time for lunch, Lu Man heard them saying their piece again, describing their experiences over the past few months.

Han Leilei was no doubt at the level of a top student.

If Lu Man had the talent, Han Leilei really relied on hard work and effort to study and train.

After speaking about some trivial matters, Han Leilei passed the notes that she had consolidated over the months to Lu Man and said, “These are the notes that I took.

I photocopied one set for you too.

I dont know if it will be of use to you, but I just prepared it for you anyway.

I think that it might still be of a little help in some way.”

“Of course.” Lu Man quickly took it.

“Youre so thoughtful.

Its so lucky that youre here.”

Han Leilei saw that Lu Man not only felt so happy and surprised but also thought that it could be of use to her, so she naturally felt happy too.

Western-style simple meals could be eaten very quickly, so everyone did not spend much time eating before they went back to the hostel.

Even so, the news that Lu Man came today also spread around the campus like crazy, as if it had wings attached to it.

But the people who really took notice of her were limited to those who were in the acting major.

People from other schools or specializations did not care about this at all.

When everyone reached the bottom of the condominium and was about to enter, they saw Shana and two girls whom Lu Man had never seen before walking towards them.

Lu Man did not know those two girls, but the others who had been attending lessons here for quite a while knew them.

Han Leilei quietly explained to Lu Man, “Those two people are on quite good terms with Shana.

They are the substitutes for the second-string team.

Shana was originally one of the members of the top team.

Previously, when she came over to our school for the exchange, she came over from the top team as their ace.”

Alas, they still lost.

“This time, when she came back, even though she returned to the top team, she still lost in the previous competition, so her position in the top team is unstable now too.

The people in the top team are doubting her standard.

Although they didnt say it explicitly, it seems they all think that her standard is more suitable for the second-string team and her being in the top team will be a burden to them.

So now, Shana is also in a very awkward situation,” Han Leilei quietly explained to Lu Man.

After she said that, Han Leilei quickly stopped talking.

Because Shana had already walked up to them.

“Lu Man, I heard you came,” Shana said.

Lu Man saw that Shanas attitude was still fine.

She was not enthusiastic to see her, but there was no enmity either.

Lu Man emerged from the group, nodded, and smiled at Shana as she said, “Hi, Shana.

We meet again.”

Shana also gave a small smile and nodded.

“Ever since the competition ended and we came back, I had been waiting for you to come.

To me, these few months felt a little long.”

Lu Man just smiled but did not reply to that.

Shana continued, “The previous time, you guys were in your home court.

I admit, my mentality had more or less been influenced.

But this time, we are competing in our home court, so I definitely wont be influenced again.

This time, I will definitely show you my real capabilities.”

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