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Chapter 2307: Too Disgusting

On the contrary, they had to hope for Lu Mans arrival.

This kind of mentality just made it seem as if they were waiting for their parents to come over and stand up for them, to seek justice for them.

As grown men, Guo Hai and the others felt quite embarrassed.

They were tall and burly, yet they still had to pin their hopes on a small and delicate little lady to stand up for them.

Each of them felt a little ashamed.

“Our timetable is the same as that of the acting major students here,” Han Leilei explained.

“This also means that Shana, Howard, and the others who previously lost to us in the competition at our school are also here.

Also, that Oren Hesselg that Howard mentioned before is also here.”

When Shana, Howard, and the others lost very badly in that competition, they completely broke down.

But actually, the failure during that competition was mainly because they did not maintain their mentalities well, so they lost on that front.

Their mentalities broke down, resulting in them making serious mistakes in their performance.

If theyd performed to their usual abilities, no matter how well Lu Man had performed, she might not have been able to lead a team of people to crush them.

The best result would have been that they were an even match.

But it was precisely because of this that Howard and the others felt even more indignant.

If theyd lost on account of capabilities, they would not have said anything.

Yet it was because their own mentalities broke down that their performance was bad.

It did not even reach one-fifth of their usual standards of performance.

In their eyes, losing that competition was a huge injustice.

But no matter the reason, they already lost the competition, and theyd lost so badly, so shamefully.

This was actually the first time that theyd lost in so many years since the start of the exchange program between the two schools.

After coming back, they naturally had their fair share of ridicule from their classmates.

Someone said, “Luckily, you guys were just the second-string team.

You actually lost to such a bunch of minor characters.

I think you guys should give up your second-string position.

Dont hold on to that position and embarrass us, lest people think that our second-string team is actually so trashy.”


I strongly suggest re-selecting the second-string team.

You actually couldnt compare to a bunch of students.

We really lost face big time this time!”

“This is a fine thing you guys did, and now the students from other acting schools all know that you lost to that bunch of novices.

Now they are already starting to doubt our standards.”

“Haha, Howard, didnt you keep boasting that you were going to take revenge for Bourbotte Yet you also came back dejected.

Thats really too much.”

“Weve already watched your competition video.

What kind of a joke were you all acting out”

“In class, Professor McFarlane even specifically showed the competition video to us, asking us to pick out the weaknesses in both parties performances.

To be honest, there were inadequacies on the Chinese students side, but if it were us, we would definitely have performed better than them.

But you guys, haha, we can only try to find something that was worthy of praise.”

“But guess what We couldnt even find something that we could reasonably explain was good.”

“What kind of performance was that It was too disgusting.”

“Shana, didnt you say on an interview that you wanted to break away from your idol image and no longer be a pretty vase Didnt you want to let everyone see your acting skills because you wanted to change your image”

“Tch, with that kind of acting, you actually want to change your image You should just be content with continuing on as a vase.”

Almost all the members of the second-string team were criticized after they came back.

Because their performance this time around was way too horrible.

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