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Chapter 2299: You Are Lu Man

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Because of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, although the complete version was especially long, the viewership ratings on the online platform were actually three times that of the televised version!

Many major video streaming platforms also contacted Dong Hua Station, wanting to purchase the copyrights to air Survivor.

From the start, when Survivor was about to premiere, because the guest list had been kept secret all along, these video streaming platforms had felt that the guest list must be quite impressive.

Every time Lu Dongliu played the keeping-it-secret trick, it would always give the audience a surprise.

So a few major domestic online video streaming platforms came to contact Dong Hua Station.

But Dong Hua Station insisted on retaining exclusive broadcasting rights for themselves.

They did not say that they were not going to sell the rights, but they just quoted an extremely high price.

The other major streaming platforms all felt that it was too expensive.

After quite a few rounds of fruitless bargaining, they decided not to purchase the rights anymore.

One platforms CEO just said angrily, “Haha! I just wont buy it! I want to see how popular this show of theirs could get!”

This “how popular” was naturally meant to be condescending.

Yet who knew, the moment the show aired, it would become a huge hit.

After the show became a huge hit, those streaming platforms wanted to buy it again, but Dong Hua Station simply refused to sell it no matter what.

And now, when the complete online version once again reached a new peak of popularity, the video streaming platforms once again felt interested and contacted Dong Hua Station to express their intentions to buy the broadcasting rights of Survivor.

During the first time, Dong Hua Station indeed quoted an exorbitant price, but it was indeed because they did not think of selling the rights at all.

Now, they quoted an exorbitant price again, and it was even higher than the first time around.

But this time, Dong Hua Station really had full confidence.

They could sell the rights, it was not a roundabout rejection.

But they had to sell at this price; any less they would not sell at all.

And the price they quoted was not even the price for the full season, but per episode.

A video streaming platform could not have only a few episodes of a full season of a show.

If they bought everything, it would really be a painful cost to swallow.

But they had this confidence now.

Who asked them to be so famous

You wont buy it

Then thats great, Dong Hua Station would not lose out either.

It just so happened that the complete version of the special episode let Dong Hua Stations online platform also surge to a new high.

Indeed, such a high price made people shrink back.

This was not airing at the same time as Dong Hua Stations online platform.

Theyd already aired the full season.

Even if they bought the broadcasting rights now, the peak of the popularity of the broadcast had already passed.

Hence, the various streaming platforms could only give up and set their sights on the second season.

Meanwhile, on Lu Mans end, after arriving in the US and resting for a day, she went to report to New York University.

Although Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were here, they did not just sit around and do nothing.

They still went to work at their company in the US.

They could use this chance to personally understand the various situations that the company over here was going through during this period.

The next day, Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man to school.

Lu Man had to first bring her identification documents to report her arrival.

When the other party saw the documents that Lu Man brought over, he could not help but take a few more glances at Lu Man.

He made Lu Man feel weirded out by his stares, so she asked, “Is there a problem”

The other party then said, “So you are Lu Man”

Lu Man thought to herself, “Isnt it written there”

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded.

The other party took a few glances at her, scoffed, then said, “You pulled tricks to pull Attack Force down from theaters in advance.”

Lu Man frowned.

She did not expect that though such a long time had passed, people would still remember this.

Judging from this situation, this person was probably not an exception.

She really underestimated Bourbottes influence here.

She wondered if it would be an exaggeration to call him the pride of the country.

At this moment, she heard the other party say, “Your treatment is quite special, eh You came so late, arriving only when the exchange period is about to end..

You just came here to participate in the friendly exchange competition.

Why Youre so confident in yourself that you think that once you come, you can lead the team to victory Your self-esteem is a little too high, dont you think!”


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