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Chapter 2291: She Deserved It

There would not be advertisements midway through the show and they could even leave real-time comments and chat with other netizens.

It was much livelier than watching TV alone.

Even though there was a one-and-a-half-minute-long advertisement before the start of the show, it was still much better than having a few minutes of advertisements play throughout the air time of the show.

And many netizens even signed up as members, so they did not even need to watch that one and a half minutes of advertisements.

Lu Man shared the screen on her tablet to the TV.

The share screen could also support showing the real-time comments bar.

When they were watching, the real-time comments from netizens were also displayed at the same time.

Hence, when the netizens saw Ni Xues actions, they all started bashing and mocking her in the real-time comments.

Old Mrs.

Han was also very angry when she saw that.

“How shameless! How is she so shameless!”


Xiaoya was there too, and she dared to do this! Thats too preposterous!” Lin Liye also said.

“This kind of woman, you cant be kind to her!” Shen Nuo said coldly.

“Zhuoling did not care about her at all,” Shi Xiaoya quickly explained for Han Zhuoling.

“If he dared to bother about her, and not just her but even any other woman, we all wont forgive him!” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Actually, Zhuoling wont even give those people any chance,” Shen Nuo said.

The real-time comments were also berating Ni Xue for being shameless.

But there were also Ni Xues fans.

Who knew if there were also paid posters among them whom Ni Xue had hired to try their best to whitewash her.

They saw that Ni Xue stayed in a tent because she contributed zero points, whereas the others could enjoy dinner, play games, and sleep comfortably on a soft bed in the villa at night.

Old Mrs.

Han did not hide her disdain at all and said, “Hmph! She deserved it! Its because she was solely focused on seducing other people and did not complete the missions properly.

She even had the cheek to be angry that she received the punishment”

Many netizens also shared the same stance as Old Mrs.


“Its too obvious that shes slacking off in the team competition and didnt want to do anything.

She just wanted to cozy up to someone powerful.

How disgusting.”

“And for the punishment segment, it will only be interesting if we see the person who lost receive punishment.

She actually had the cheek to ask Zhang Xiangyou to swap rooms Then whats the point of him working so hard to win Although hes a man, does that mean he was born to give in to you”

“Other people slogged their guts out for the results they got, yet theyd still have to give in to you for no reason Then whats the point of them working hard Why dont you make everyone work hard to win for your sake and have them give all the rewards to you after winning”

“Ni Xue is really quite disgusting.

She did not focus on the competition, and then, when it was her turn to receive the punishment, she started acting pitiful.

If she lost, she should receive the punishment.

Whats so insufferable about that She had to act like she was special and ask for special treatment.

Does she think shes a big shot or what”

It was not just in the real-time comments.

There were many netizens online who made similar comments too.

But who knew how many among Ni Xues fans were actually paid posters disguised in their midst.

They were defending Ni Xue at the same time.

They spouted similar complaints to the ones that Ni Xue had when she was filming for the show.

“Actually, these rooms, if they were for 12 people, it was just perfect.

Its Han Zhuoling who insisted on choosing Shi Xiaoya.

If hed chosen a male guest, Ni Xue would have had a room to stay in.”

“What are they showing PDA in the show for How disgusting.

Im already sick of it.

I saw that someone said Ni Xue wanted to make herself look special in the show, but the one whos really acting like shes special is Shi Xiaoya, okay She also doesnt have much skills to begin with.

She just relied on Han Zhuoling being there the whole time.

Thats why Shi Xiaoya did not get disqualified.”


She has no skills and only relies on men.

Shes clearly the weakest one there, yet she could stay until the very end.

This kind is the most disgusting, alright Why isnt anyone talking about her while everyone is talking about Ni Xue”

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