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Chapter 2281: Because She Cared, She Was Worried

“Anyway, the swelling will go down soon.” Shi Xiaoya was quickly defeated and honestly admitted it in a low voice.

“Really” Han Zhuoling even pretended as if he did not believe her at all.

But Shi Xiaoya did not fall for his scheme.

Because his acting was really not very good.

“Really.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

She lowered her head, her face still buried in his chest.

This way, Han Zhuoling could not see her face.

But from the way she was nodding, a hint of dejection was obvious.

It melted Han Zhuolings heart into a puddle.

“Then Ill come back and check again tonight,” Han Zhuoling said while holding back his laughter.

Shi Xiaoya instantly whipped her head up.

“Theres no need for that!”

However, when she saw Han Zhuoling holding back his laughter, she instantly said angrily, “Youre so annoying! Youre teasing me again!”

“Who said Im teasing you” Han Zhuoling asked while laughing.

He was already laughing like this; was he not teasing her

“Although Im laughing, I am serious about what I said,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I must come back and check again tonight.”

As he said that, he lowered his head, hovering beside Shi Xiaoyas ear, and said, “If the swelling hasnt gone down, Ill have to apply some ointment.

If the swelling has gone down, then theres nothing to worry about.

We can happily go for another round.”

Shi Xiaoya shuddered in surprise and stared at Han Zhuoling with a stunned look on her face.

Was… was he still human

Shi Xiaoya knew she did not need to apply ointment.

Han Zhuoling knew it too.

So there was no need to apply ointment at all.

Shi Xiaoya would also not go and ask where to get the ointment.

She knew Han Zhuoling did not consider this possibility either.

Han Zhuoling laughed out loud due to Shi Xiaoyas expression and lowered his head to hug her, giving her a good number of kisses.

Shi Xiaoya blushed and asked him, “Do you usually… not feel satisfied”

Who knew whether or not Han Zhuoling saw through her thoughts, but he said, “Its only because its you that Im like this.

Its only because its you that I wont feel satisfied no matter what.

I will keep wanting you after each time.”

Hugging her felt so soft, making him feel like giving her a good rub.

“If not for that, I wont have any needs at all.”

Even the tips of Shi Xiaoyas ears were red.

When she heard Han Zhuolings words, her ears trembled furiously.

“Its best if its like this.” Shi Xiaoya drew circles on his chest with her index finger.

“Im telling you, if youre not satisfied, then you can only deal with it by yourself.

Youre not allowed to…”

When she thought about it, she knew he would not go and find someone else, so Shi Xiaoya did not finish her sentence.

She hugged him tightly and said, “Anyway, Ill try… try to train myself, to endure for a little longer, to make you satisfied.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling did not blame her for her earlier thought.

It was because she cared that she was worried.

But she did not say it out loud because she trusted him.

She knew he would not make her worries come true.

She knew that if shed said it out loud, it would make him feel upset.

So she did not say anything.

But to make him feel even more satisfied, she tried her best to change herself.

If some people heard this, they would probably call her names.

Theyd say that Shi Xiaoyas self-esteem was way too low, that she was being too ingratiating.

For Han Zhuoling, she could actually lower herself to the dust on the ground.

But Han Zhuoling knew that aside from a love that ran deep, nothing else would be able to make her like this.

Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas waist and hugged her a little higher up so that her face could be level with his.

He cupped the back of her head and kissed her right on her lips as he said, “Then go to the gym with me next time.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

As someone who would not sit if she could lie down and would not stand if she could sit…

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