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Chapter 2269: Why Is It the Ring Finger

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“If theres really a need to prove anything, then we can let marriage prove it.

The two of us will have a lot from here on, a lot of time to understand each other for the rest of our lives.” Han Zhuoling felt a little uneasy.

Because Shi Xiaoya did not reply to him for so long.

He was a little scared that Shi Xiaoya would reject him, that shed feel that this matter was way too early.

They had just gotten together, and it had only been a short while, and now theyre upgrading to marriage.

But he just could not wait and wanted to carry her back to his nest.

Only then could he feel assured.

“Ever since the two of us got together, Ive already known that I want to marry you.

Besides you, I wont marry anyone else.” Han Zhuoling stared at her nervously and said, “Xiaoya, are you willing to give me this chance I…”

He was the great First Young Master Han.

It had always been other people who were nervous in front of him.

But at this moment, he actually felt so nervous that he stammered a little.

“I… Do I have this honor, to be your husband, to love and care for you for the rest of your life”

Han Zhuoling was really nervous.

“Its… Its fine if you are not willing.

After all, youre still young, and you might not want to get married so soon.

I can wait for another two years.”

Shi Xiaoya was dumbfounded.

She was just surprised and moved, but more of it was nervousness.

Her heart was beating so fast, she felt as if she was going to faint.

So she could not open her mouth in time to say something.

It was not that she did not want to say it, but she could not.

This did not mean she was not willing!

How… how can he go back on his word!

She was afraid that if she spoke a little later, Han Zhuoling would really wait another two years.

Being together with Han Zhuoling, to her, there was not much difference whether they were married or not.

The two of them were already living together.

Although they had not registered their marriage, their usual lifestyle was just like they are a married couple.

So marriage, to her, was like getting an extra certificate.

It was not something to fuss about.

Shi Xiaoya quickly said, “Im willing! Im willing! I never thought of waiting another two years.”

Shi Xiaoya panicked and quickly extended her hand to him.

For Han Zhuoling to quickly put the ring on her.

The people who were secretly hiding in the dark to watch: “…”

Xiaoya, even if you were willing, you did not need to be so unreserved.

Just wait for him to put on the ring for you, you dont need to be so anxious.

But Han Zhuoling did not think that Shi Xiaoya was being anxious at all.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya agreed, Han Zhuoling really heaved a sigh of relief and felt relieved of a huge amount of pressure in his heart.

Because he had long prepared to propose tonight, the closer it was to this time, the more nervous Han Zhuoling felt.

He was really out of himself.

Even when they were filming for the show, his condition had not been that good.

Or else, during those clue-hunting segments, the clues would have long been found by him.

How would anyone else have a part to play!

It was all because his mind was wholeheartedly focused on the marriage proposal tonight.

With his mind preoccupied, his condition had been lackluster all along.

Seeing Shi Xiaoya extend her hand, Han Zhuoling also quickly slipped the ring onto her ring finger.

Shi Xiaoya thought it was strange.

“Why is it the ring finger Isnt it supposed to be the middle finger”

They were considered to be engaged like that, right

It was only after marriage that they could put the ring on their ring finger.

Han Zhuoling stood up as he said, “Anyway, we are going to get married.

We can put it on there in advance so everyone knows that you are Mrs.


Han Zhuoling looked down and admired the finger where she was wearing the ring.

Indeed, it looked much better than when it was bare.

“Anyway, the ring I ordered is based on the measurement of your ring finger.” When Han Zhuoling said this, he sounded especially indignant, and especially shameless.

Anyway, hed ordered it according to this measurement only.

What are you going to do about it!

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