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Chapter 2264: Child, Youre Still Single for a Reason

“Clap!” “Clap!” “Clap!”

Zhang Xiangyou gestured towards Han Zhuoling with his palm up.

“See! This is the correct answer!”

“What call and apologies… Children, youre all too young! Why would you make your girlfriend angry Apologizing after angering her Thats too late!”

The men were all laughing, and even Shi Xiaoya and the ladies were chortling.

“OMG, I cant answer these!” Peng Zhen laughed as she held her stomach, waving a hand.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“Who came up with such questions I dont even know the answers.”

“Man, one more.

I dont believe I cant get it right,” Zhang Jian said.

“Okay.” Zhang Xiangyou thought for a moment and asked, “For instance, your girlfriend—of course, Young Master Ling, your girlfriends Xiaoya, please make the adjustment in your mind—

“Your girlfriends shelling crayfish.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Xiaoya does like crayfish.”

Cao Jingcheng reminded him, “Please mind your manners and not have public displays of affection when listening to questions.

Give us single dogs a chance to breathe.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Zhang Xiangyou continued, “Your girlfriend, while shelling crayfish, accidentally splattered oil onto your expensive, high-end, custom-made-by-a-famous-British-tailor suit.

That tailor doesnt take on any requests easily and only caters to royalty and a few other limited clients.

And the oil splashed onto this rare, unique, one-of-a-kind suit…

“What would you do

“Zhang Jian, your answer!” Zhang Xiangyou said.

Zhang Jian replied instantly, “Its no problem, Ill have another made.”

Zhang Xiangyou snickered drily.

“You still havent learned your lesson.”

He turned to Cheng He.

“What about you, Xiao He”

Cheng He thought about the previous questions logic and answered, “Ill order another set for my girlfriend.”

Zhang Xiangyou exploded.

“Are you feeding a pig Child, youre still single for a reason.”

Zhang Xiangyou then asked, “Young Master Ling, what would you do”

Han Zhuoling frowned as he said in a perplexed manner, “Since Im here, why would Xiaoya be shelling it by herself Obviously, Id peel it for her.”

“Clap!” “Clap!” “Clap!”

Zhang Xiangyou slowly clapped three times.

“Friends! This is the perfect answer!”

“Last question.

You all dont need to answer, you are all hopeless.

Just listen to the model answer,” Zhang Xiangyou said.

“Young Master Ling, listen carefully, this is the last question.

For example, youre eating with a female colleague.”

Han Zhuoling frowned.

“Why would I dine with a female colleague”

“There are so many reasons, like a company gathering, or a meeting with clients, women among them.”

“I dont attend company dinners,” Han Zhuoling replied coldly.

“…” Zhang Xiangyou.

“For instance! Its just a hypothetical scenario!”

“Continue.” Han Zhuoling nodded, not interrupting anymore.

“If the female colleague gets drunk and asks you to send her home, what would you do”

Han Zhuoling almost reflexively questioned, “Why would I be drinking with her This is impossible.”

Zhang Xiangyou sighed as he shook his head, giving Han Zhuoling a massive thumbs-up.

He was completely speechless and in awe of him.

“Xiaoya, surely you must have given Young Master Ling such tests frequently” Cao Jingcheng was stunned too.

It turned out that the logic behind all these trick questions was this!

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