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Chapter 2255: Do I Need a Meal from You Guys

Given her short-sightedness, even if she found another sponsor to invest heavily in her, she would not be able to get famous.

Lin Yantao even deemed in his heart that Ni Xue would never get famous even in the future!

And Ni Xue

Seeing that the staff in the production team were also in the same situation, what else could she say

She could only accept her fate.

However, everyone still helped her to pitch her tent first before entering the villa.

Ni Xue, on the other hand, stayed in the tent alone to fume and be upset.

It was all because of Han Zhuoling.

He had to choose Shi Xiaoya, that was why there was an odd number of male and female guests left.

If hed chosen a male guest, there would have been a spare room for her, and she would not need to stay here!

At this moment, the director in charge of following her said outside the tent, “Teacher Ni, I came here to give you supplies.”

Ni Xue thought to herself, “What supplies”

She opened the tent cover curiously and saw the director putting a big bag down.

The director said, “There are toiletries inside, a self-heating hotpot and mineral water, and tomorrows breakfast.

It will be hard on you for you to only eat these.”

Ni Xues rage blew up at once.

“I cant even go into the villa to borrow theirs to use Even for dinner and breakfast, I cant go and eat the hotels food”

“Im sorry, this is all included in the penalty,” the director said with an apologetic smile.

“And the hotel only provides toiletries and breakfast for two per room.”

“Hah!” Ni Xue scoffed.

Did they think shes stupid

“The ones provided for the guests are free, but if I want to go and eat, I can pay for it individually, right” Ni Xue asked coldly.

“If your production team is not willing to pay this for me, its fine, I can do it myself.”

“My apologies, but this is part of the penalty for the show.

I hope you can cooperate with us,” that director persuaded her kindly.

“How about this When the show ends, our production team will treat you to a meal.

Take it as us making it up to you, for the grievances you had to endure in the show.”

“Do I need a meal from you guys” Ni Xue said furiously.

“You guys just went too far with this!”

She took the backpack and opened it.

The bread and milk inside really made one lose appetite on sight.

The others would be eating good food in the hotel, with a great meal at night and a steaming hot buffet for breakfast.

And her

She would be here eating this self-heating hotpot

Eating cold bread and milk here!

“I wonder where we went too far” Lu Dongliu said as he walked over.

He was checking on the situation with each pair, and from afar, he saw that this side seemed to be in a tense situation.

Lu Dongliu then walked over.

As he walked over, he happened to hear everything that Ni Xue said.

To Lu Dongliu, Ni Xue did not dare to be so stubborn and insistent.

Lu Dongliu then sad, “This show has finished shooting for the whole season.

In all the previous episodes, there would be penalty segments every now and then.

There were many punishments that were much more arduous than this.

This time, because you are a female guest, we took this into consideration and lowered the difficulty level of the punishment.

If it were a male guest today, the punishment would not have been so simple.”

“Actually, to be honest, yours doesnt even count as a penalty.

Staying in a tent and eating instant food are all normal happenings in the past episodes.

All the guests had had to do that, with no exception.

No one ever complained about it before either,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Today, its just that the other guests are staying in better accommodation and eating better food, so you feel the imbalance.” Lu Dongliu scratched his eyebrow lightly and said, “If you think our production team is not treating you fairly, you can go to a hotel and pay for a room out of your own pocket.”

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