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Chapter 2262: Im Avenging My Girlfriend, What Business Is It of Yours

What logic was this

Han Zhuoling looked coldly at them.

His expression screamed, Im avenging my girlfriend, what business is it of yours

Zhang Jian: “…”

Zhang Xiangyou: “…”

“Its alright, well keep a lookout for you, see where they are,” Zhang Xiangyou said.

Since they werent going to win by any means anyway, both of them gave up playing properly by now.

Theyre just going to beat up anyone they catch to soothe their own ruffled feathers.

The opponent with a short-legged Lu Ban as his character said, “Do we need to help you guys report them both”

Zhang Xiangyou: “…”

Zhang Jian: “…”

Young one, people can die from talking too much.

Shi Xiaoya made her Angela “accidentally” bump into Lu Ban to attract his attention.

And she immediately ran away after that.

Lu Ban typed as he chased her, “Why are you alone, Angela Wheres your Arthur I really hate the type who still needs guidance and drags others down.”

Zhang Xiangyou joked, “This Lu Bans rather righteous.

We werent even saying anything and hes already speaking up for us.”

“Look at her big reaction, likely a girl,” Zhang Jian analyzed.

But Han Zhuoling wouldnt treat the opponent differently, regradless of gender.

He made his bulky Arthur crouch behind a bush.

As the small Lu Ban came over, he unleashed his move and froze Lu Ban on the spot.

Then got Shi Xiaoya to beat up the opponent.

That poor, weak character immediately died.

That Lu Ban burst into an angry tirade.

“Shameless couple! You dragged your own team down then took revenge on me Angelas a noob! Such a noob, f*ck your mother!”

Han Zhuoling sneered and told the other two, “Together.”

“Alright-y!” Zhang Xiangyou and Zhang Jian responded and ran over.

And thus, as long as Lu Ban respawned, hed be beaten dead instantly.

Zhang Jians A Ke could be invisible, and he killed Lu Ban so many times he could only hide in the respawn waters to curse at them.

He cursed at them as demeaningly and atrociously as possible.

“You two dumb c*nts, I was speaking up for you and youre ganging up on me”

Zhang Jian laughed.

“Haha, sorry, but the four of us know each other.

We dont have an issue with Arthur showing love to his wife by protecting Angela.”

Finally, amid Lu Bans insults, their crystal got knocked down by the opponents.

Before the game ended, they even heard Lu Ban say, “Hate green tea b*tches the most!”

“Hey! Xiaoyas really innocent this time,” Zhang Jian said.

“That persons 80% a girl and was hurt before.

Well, thats quite sad too,” Zhang Xiangyou said.

They played a few more rounds, and under Shi Xiaoyas strong demand, Han Zhuoling finally stopped protecting her solely.

With Han Zhuolings cooperation, their results actually became pretty good.

They played until late at night, then they finally dispersed grudgingly back to their rooms.

The night passed silently.

Everyone gathered the next day, which was the last day of filming.

They all had a splendid breakfast, and only Ni Xue ate cold milk and bread sullenly.

Today, the guests were supposed to find the clues themselves and guess the missions objective.

The more clues they found, the more likely they could guess correctly.

Shi Xiaoya found a bouquet of roses.

Han Zhuoling found a ring and an empty card.

Others found various clues too.

Finally, everyone gathered together.

Chi Xingrui spoke from outside the camera, “Now, everyone has some objects in their hands.

Does anyone have any guesses about what is up next”

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