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Chapter 2252: I Dont Know How to Set This Up

After saying that, Shi Xiaoya even purposely nudged her head in Han Zhuolings chest cutely.

The corners of Cao Jingchengs lips twitched.

Liu Chuanhui and the others even started cheering at the side, “Right! Do it! Do it!”

Cao Jingcheng went all out and opened his arms wide at Zhang Shuidong as he said, “Brother Zhang, come here.”

Zhang Shuidong laughed in anger and said, “Im not coming!”

“Aiya, its fine!” Cao Jingcheng said insistently.

He just pulled Zhang Shuidong into his arms to hug him and even patted his back and said, “This is called brotherly love!”

Zhang Jian naturally chose to share a room with Lin Yantao.

Zhang Jian also did the same gimmick and extended his hand towards Lin Yantao.

Lin Yantao held hands with Zhang Jian, and they looked at each other lovingly.

The two of them were even more unreserved and did not even hesitate before hugging each other.

Even Shi Xiaoya had no tricks left.

She could not possibly kiss for them to see.

Alas, Zhang Xiangyou added fuel to the fire and started saying, “Xiaoya! Give us a kiss! Lets see if theyd still dare to imitate that!”

Shi Xiaoya laughed til her stomach hurt as she said, “Better not! I think we cant underestimate their limits.

If they really kissed, the show will be banned.”

“You little punk, what are you cheering for!” Zhang Shuidong scolded him jokingly.

“Its your turn now! Didnt you get four points Quick, choose!”

Zhang Xiangyou casually chose a room.

Actually, the rooms were more or less the same.

The size of the rooms was more or less uniform, along with the views.

The difference was not that big.

“Then Xiangyou, do you also want to invite a guest to share a room with you” Chi Xingrui asked.

Zhang Xiangyou did not know whether to cry or laugh as he said, “How can I invite anyone! The remaining guests are all ladies.”

Zhang Xiangyou turned and bowed deeply to the remaining guests, Lan Jiexin, Peng Zhen, and Ni Xue.

“Im sorry, the three of you.

No matter what, I cant invite any of you to share a room with me.

That is not suitable, way too unsuitable!” Zhang Xiangyou put his fists together and said, “Then I will… I will enjoy a room to myself!”

After Zhang Xiangyou said that, he jokingly ran over to the group that had chosen their rooms.

“There is one last room left,” Chi Xingrui then said.

“Lan Jiexin has three points.

Lets invite Lan Jiexin to choose whether she wants to invite a guest to share a room with her.”

Lan Jiexin smiled happily as she held Peng Zhens hand and said, “Then I will definitely choose my teammate! Our team will have to stay together as one whole.”

Afterward, the two of them walked hand in hand towards the opposite group.

Lan Jiexin was very tactful when she spoke in this manner.

It was not that she would not choose a certain someone.

She could only choose one person between the two.

Choosing the teammate with whom she was closer would make the audience understand it.

Who would go and choose the opposing teams member for no reason

In this way, people would not think that she did not choose Ni Xue because she did not like her.

It was just because she prioritized choosing her teammate first.

This was a very reasonable and understandable reason.

In the end, Ni Xue was the only one left behind.

The last room had been taken by Lan Jiexin.

“Then, for Ni Xue, whos in the last place, because she did not earn any points for her team in the team competitions and did not get invited during the room choosing segment, she will now receive the punishment,” Chi Xingrui said.

After Chi Xingrui said that, there were staff members who came up and presented a tent.

“Ni Xue will spend the night in this tent.

The tent has to be set up manually, its not the automatic type,” Chi Xingrui explained.

“You can ask the other guests if they can accept having the tent pitched within the villas courtyard.

If not, you have to find a suitable place nearby.”

Ni Xue: “…”

Setting up the tent in the villas courtyard was not any better, okay

Ni Xue thought about it.

She then walked up to Zhang Xiangyou as she said coquettishly, “Xiangyou, do you know how to pitch a tent I dont know how to set this up.”

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