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Chapter 2247: Youre Not Allowed to Accept Any of Them

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“Your Young Master Ling is young and handsome, his capabilities are solid, and hes a resource magnet.

In their eyes, he is like a mountain of diamonds.

So even if youre standing here, she naturally would not let the chance go when she sees it right in front of her.”

But Ni Xue was really quite smart.

If it did not succeed, at most, she would be bashed for having more of a sl*tty personality.

This kind of ambiguous romantic feeling made people unable to say anything even if they wanted to.

They could not hold her to anything.

“Aiya, Young Master Ling is here!” Guo Yujie said.

“Im going off now, bye.”

As a single dog, she needed to have the self-awareness not to be a third wheel.

Guo Yujie instantly ran to find the staff, to see if she could get wind of any breaking gossip news.

Han Zhuoling came empty-handed and did not bring any water.

“Do you still have water left” When Han Zhuoling asked this, his eyes were fixed on the bottle of mineral water in Shi Xiaoyas hands.

Shi Xiaoya innocently passed him her own bottle of water that she had already drunk half of and asked, “I only have one bottle, and I drank from it already.

Ill go ask the staff to give you another bottle.

Why, didnt anyone give you water just now”

Han Zhuoling did not seem to mind as he took the bottle of water Shi Xiaoya had passed to him.

He took two mouthfuls from the small bottle opening.

The bottle opening was not big.

No matter from which angle, his lips were completely stuck to the bottle opening.

So no matter what, Han Zhuoling would come into contact with the spot that Shi Xiaoya had come into contact with before.

Han Zhuoling naturally did not mind at all, even though the bottle opening had Shi Xiaoyas lipstick stain on it.

Han Zhuoling even specially put his lips right at the spot where that lipstick stain was and drank from the bottle.

Shi Xiaoya happened to see that, and her face reddened as if it was about to burn from heating up.

After drinking two mouthfuls to quench his thirst, Han Zhuoling then said, “That Ni Xue wanted to pass a bottle to me.

I didnt take it.

I came instead to get one from you.”

When Shi Xiaoya heard that, she subconsciously looked at Ni Xue in the near distance.

She saw that she still had a bottle of water in her hands and was looking in her and Han Zhuolings direction.

Shi Xiaoya quietly retracted her gaze and smiled happily at Han Zhuoling, but she said, “You did very well! Next time, no matter which woman gives you things, youre not allowed to accept any of them!”

Han Zhuoling held back his laughter as he raised his eyebrow at her.

Shi Xiaoya felt a little guilty from his stare and reflected on herself.

Were her words too fierce or was her attitude not too good

But thinking about it, like this, she was just caring for him.

Theres nothing wrong with that!

So she lifted her chin slightly and straightened her neck to look at him.

She would not admit defeat.

Han Zhuoling finally could not help but laugh.

Being bossed around by her like this made him quite happy too.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

Seeing his reaction, Shi Xiaoya actually felt that he seemed a little obedient.

Not far away, the staff saw the two of them actually sharing a bottle.

They thought to themselves that the production team was not so miserly, and they quickly sent another two bottles of water over.

Han Zhuoling took the bottle of water, opened it, but gave it to Shi Xiaoya.

He still continued drinking from the bottle that Shi Xiaoya had just drunk from.

After the break, Chi Xingrui loudly reminded them that they were about to continue filming.

“Lets film one more round and we can go back and rest,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Yoohoo!” Liu Chuanhui passed his water to his assistant and said, “Why is today so good We only filmed for less than half a day.”

“We are filming a special episode this time and are not making the competition rounds the main highlight of the show.

The audience members who want to watch the guests passing through rounds can totally go and watch the usual episodes.

We want to make this episode distinct from the usual episodes,” Lu Dongliu explained.

“Besides the competition rounds, there will also be other things.

We will keep those a secret for now.”


No matter what, Im happy as long as we can do fewer missions and expend less energy..” Liu Chuanhui stretched his elbows and rotated his waist a few times before saying, “I have to go easy on my old elbows and legs.”

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