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Chapter 2239: Because I Love Slapping People


He Zhengbais slap once more landed on Lu Qis cheek.

As if practice made perfect, He Zhengbais actions were much smoother now, and he had no reservations either.

He striked as he wished without any hesitation.

As she was completely unprepared because He Zhengbai originally stood behind her, the sudden slap completely knocked Lu Qi off her feet.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Lu Qis jaw did not dislocate this time.

Lu Qi fell on her hands and knees, and even her butt hurt.

She snapped her head up, glaring with disdain.

“He Zhengbai, do you consider yourself a man for hitting a woman!

“I finally know how the He family teaches their children! A man who loses with his mouth and logic should just use his fists and make others bow down to his violence, is that how it is!” Lu Qi spat through gritted teeth.

Yang Lin slowly stood.

“Youre saying its bad for a man to hit a lady, is that it”

Lu Qi looked coldly at her as Yang Lin continued, “Im sorry, its my bad for not teaching him, because I love slapping people, especially wh*res like you who dont know their places and still think themselves high and mighty.”

Yang Lin bent as she spoke, gripping both Lu Qis face tightly in one hand.

As she finished articulating, a slap hit its mark.

With that, Yang Lin stood and pulled on her clothes, saying, “Look at your face, full of injuries.

Its not suited to appearing at the ball.

Its better that you rest at home.”

In the end, Lu Qi saw on the entertainment news that night that He Zhengbai was being gentlemanly and had a jolly time at the ball with a daughter of another rich family.

He even escorted her home after dinner.

The Internet was abuzz with news about them flirting with each other.

A reporter even asked He Zhengbai if he was married, which He Zhengbai denied on the spot.

He said he was a bachelor still.

The reporter asked, “What about Lu Qi Arent you guys engaged Did you break up already”

He Zhengbai sighed.

“Because of the Lu family incident, Lu Qi doesnt have the energy to spare for relationships.

I dont want to force her.

We had a peaceful breakup.”

Everyone found it weird hearing He Zhengbais words.

Many were certain he had married Lu Qi, or did they divorce already

Or was it a secret marriage

But the ones who knew the truth were only a minority within the circle.

But most curious netizens did not know this, and they really believed that the two didnt marry.

But they certainly did not believe He Zhengbais words either.

Most unanimously agreed, saying Lu Qi was doomed with no more familial support.

Feeling shes worthless, the He family naturally discarded her.

Though both had never been good people, He Zhengbai was still labeled a jerk.

The ones within the circle who knew the truth wouldnt have loose lips, and the most theyd do was to talk among themselves.

The He family was still actively seeking out suitable marriage partners for He Zhengbai and intending to kick Lu Qi aside.

This marriage was an easy one to deal with for He Zhengbai.

So any daughter of a wealthy family would do for the He family, so long as it satisfied their exchange of interest.

The He family also forewarned the paparazzi to not spill the beans.

Hence, besides the minority in the know, the majority of the netizens had no idea of He Zhengbais and Lu Qis marriage.

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