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The management company set up by Lu Qiyuan just for Lu Qi had a Public Relations Department too but it was just that the Public Relations Department was not very outstanding.

They could settle normal issues but turning around Lu Qis reputation was something they just could not deal with.

This time, their company also had a nomination slot, so Lu Qiyuan brought along the Public Relations Department colleagues under him to the awards ceremony.

On seeing Lu Man, his expression instantly became ugly.

“President Lu!” At that moment, he heard someone calling him, so Lu Qiyuan quickly changed his expression and went over to welcome the man with a smile.

The other party smiled back and asked, “President Lu, isnt that your daughter Lu Man over there”

Lu Qiyuan paused for a while, before replying in a low voice, “Yes, thats her.”

The other party chuckled, “Lu Man is very brilliant, who knew that she would be coming to the ceremony this time, was she nominated”

Lu Qiyuan sneered in disdain, “How could she be nominated Shes probably here to just watch the ceremony.

How could I not know her She doesnt have any real ability, how can she even get an award, itll be good enough if she doesnt embarrass me!”

The man was stunned, never having thought that Lu Qiyuan would say such things.

What kind of biological father would say that about his own daughter

It was as if her having her as his daughter was already very shameful for him.

The man laughed dryly, “President Lu, you are being too humble.

Lu Man has been helping with Du Lins comeback lately and shes doing extremely well! I have heard that all other companies are using Lu Mans advertising techniques as a classic learning example for employees.

In the National Media University, during a public relations class, the lecturer also brought it up and made it a special lesson.

I feel that if this year Lu Man was indeed nominated, then she had a high chance of getting the Best Newcomer Award.

It is just that the Han Corporation has many talents in their Public Relations Department and the competition is too fierce, so Im not sure as to whether Lu Man is nominated this year, but I personally feel that this year Lu Man did so well, even in the Han Corporation, its absolutely outstanding performance.

If the Han Corporation hasnt nominated her this time, Im going to take the opportunity to headhunt her and Ill use all my available resources to nurture her.”

Hearing Lu Man being praised, Lu Qiyuans facial expression got even more ugly, it seemed that Lu Mans marvelous performance was even more embarrassing for him.

“Impossible!” Lu Qiyuans facial expression was tight as he denied/ “Its just a fluke this time as her luck is good, what kind of real skill does she have Its better to have people stop researching into it, its so laughable! Getting an award Totally impossible!”

The man muttered in his heart, if Lu Man were to be his daughter, he would be over the moon for having an outstanding daughter, what was wrong with Lu Qiyuan

He could only awkwardly laugh again.

“Ill bring my employees to sit over there first, President Lu, enjoy yourself.”

When that man finally left, the furious Lu Qiyuan glared coldly at Lu Man.

Only after glaring at her for a few seconds did her bring his people to their assigned seats.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli had already brought Lu Man and the rest to their seats and Xia Mengxuan was looking around in excitement,

Just now, in the restaurant, Han Zhuoli did not give her face at all, so she needed to work even harder to bring the award home.

She wanted to let those people see that they have been wrong! She had that ability and that she was more outstanding than Lu Man!

After a while, the ceremony officially started.

First, the organizing party started the event with a series of guest speeches followed by felicitation of winners of small consolation prizes like the Progress Award.

When the ceremony was in the latter half, the host announced, “Now can we have Mr.

Wei Zilin come up the stage and help us reveal the winner of the Best Newcomer Award!”

When Wei Zilin got on stage, the large screen at the back started to broadcast.

“The nominees for the Best Newcomer Award are: Lin Yi Public Relations Company, Xu Leping.

He Zhou Company, Jiang Mu.

One Road Media Public Relations Department, Fu Guoping.

Music Movement Century Public Relations Department, Wu Jin, Han Corporation Public Relations Department, Xia Mengxuan.”


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