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Chapter 2238: Who Knows How They Insult You Behind Your Back

Lu Qi had not turned up for such events in a long time, so she was filled with anticipation.

Moreover, even after her marriage to He Zhengbai, He Qingyang and Yang Lin still did not like her much.

They did not really accept her, but unable to return to the Lu family, Lu Qi urgently wished to integrate into the He family.

So she wanted to forge a good relationship with her in-laws; this way, He Zhengbai would have some concerns about mistreating her and would be more courteous.

Hence, Lu Qi told Yang Lin that she wanted to go shopping with her.

Unexpectedly, Yang Lin reacted as if shed heard a good joke, saying, “You”

Yang Lin snickered.

“We dont plan on bringing you.”

“Why” Lu Qis expression changed instantly.

“I havent had the chance to introduce myself to others after marrying Zhengbai.”

Still, many knew about it, that she married He Zhengbai after making a mess of her parents.

Yang Lin smiled.

“But your reputations poor.”

Lu Qis expression hardened as she listened on.

“You landed your parents in hot water then married Zhengbai.

This doesnt sound like a good thing.

If you went, not only will everyone judge you, theyll also point fingers at our family.

“So its better if you dont go,” Yang Lin said.

“Our family cant afford to lose our face.”

Anger burned within Lu Qi.

She sneered, replying enigmatically, “So Mom thinks you cant lose face now What about when you stole Dads money in the name of helping Why didnt you feel ashamed then”

“What steal” Yang Lin retorted angrily.

“Dont make it sound so bad!”

“The truth always hurts,” Lu Qi said coldly.

“Wasnt what you all did called stealing Without my Dads permission, do you think it can be considered that you received it I admit, what I did was stealing.

Im admitting to doing it even though Im his daughter.

But you did the same as I did, so dont put yourselves on a pedestal.

“Also, when you coaxed me, saying youll treat me well to make me convince Mom to take the rap, why didnt you feel ashamed then”

Yang Lins face flushed red while He Qingyang glared daggers at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi thought He Qingyang wanted to kill her.

But she didnt care.

She had nothing now, cheated of everything by He Zhengbais honeyed words, yet this ingrate did not care to give her even a bit of benefit now.

She was left with nothing now, so she was unafraid of anything.

After marrying into the He family, she did not plan on letting them off easily!

If she was suffering, then so should they!

Even if she was the only one left, she was still not easy picking!

Lu Qi pressed on, “Do you think the outsiders would view us separately No!”

She scoffed.

“Tsk! We know each other well.

You are just hiding behind a facade.

You think others dont know how dirty you are behind that mask

“You think others really have no idea what you all did Stop lying to yoursleves!” Lu Qi stood, looking down her nose at Yang Lin, all poised and confident.

“Even if you attended the ball, no one will bother with you.

Even if they did, its just because they wanted to gossip.

While smiling to your faces, who knows how theyll insult you behind your back!”

“With characters like yours, you still dare despise me” Lu Qi pursed her lips.

“Were all the same, we dont have the right to despise each other.

I dont look down on you, and you guys shouldnt think youre better than me.”

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