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Chapter 2237: Tragic

“Your mom wouldnt be in jail if not for you, and Id still be coaxing you and treating you well, or at least give you an illusion of love.

“But you played all your cards away.

Youre right.

My answer to you is, Im bullying you.

Bullying you for having no support and no one to stand up for you.”

He Zhengbai took two steps forward, sneering.

“But you cant do anything no matter how I bully you.

Didnt you wish to marry me Alright, Ive granted you your wish.

Dont hope for anything else.”

“Slap!” Lu Qi raised her hand and struck him across the face.

His head turned with the force of her strike.

As if he hadnt expected Lu Qi to hit him, He Zhengbai was momentarily stunned.

Then he raised his head and looked at her darkly.

Lu Qi then knew to be frightened.

She retreated in a panic.

Yet He Zhengbai caught her elbow and gave her a tight slap in return.

Lu Qis strength was nothing compared to his.

When He Zhengbai slapped her, his face was twisted in an ugly grimace, as if he was hoping he could slap her dead.

Otherwise, Lu Qi wouldnt be so scared.

Even with He Zhengbai holding her, the force of his hand caused Lu Qi to stagger backward.

It went to show how much strength He Zhengbai had employed.

Half of Lu Qis face was numb, feeling absolutely nothing.

She thought shed heard a “kaba” sound.

Perhaps her jaw got dislocated.

Because half her face was numb, she couldnt really move it.

But soon after, she realized her jaw was indeed dislocated.

Because she discovered she could not utter a single word.

Any movement triggered immense pain in her jaw bone.

Lu Qi was crying uglily in pain, tears and snot all streaming down her face.

He Zhengbai shoved her away with a look of disgust.

Lu Qi desperately wanted to ask, how dare he hit her when hes a man!

What did it prove for a man to strike a woman!

But she could not speak nor close her mouth at all.

Her jaw was hurting terribly.

He Zhengbai pointed at her.

“Lu Qi, be satisfied with marrying me! Dont throw tantrums! If you cant stand it, then just divorce me!

“However, dont think about getting a single cent even if we get a divorce.

Ill consider it a defeat if I lose a single penny to you.”

Lu Qi was lying on the ground right now.

Yet He Zhengbai just directly stepped over her.

How humiliating!

He Zhengbai simply went out like this, and Lu Qi burst into a loud wail.

Outside the prison, Lu Qi recomposed herself.

That day, she put on a cap and a mask and went to the hospital alone to have her jaw fixed.

Without Lu Qiyuan backing her, and with Xia Qingyang in prison, her life was tragic.

It had been days since then, and He Zhengbai had never been home.

Lu Qi knew their marriage was only in name by now.

And yet, she never thought about divorce.

If she really divorced him, she would really have nothing left.

There was something she never told Xia Qingyang.

The He family never wished to publicly announce her marriage to He Zhengbai.

Much less hold any ceremony.

There wouldnt be one.

The moment the marriage certificate was signed, that was it.

There was one time when she returned home with He Zhengbai.

And she overheard He Zhengbais father, He Qingyang, and his mother, Yang Lin, talking about attending an upcoming ball in the business industry.

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