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Chapter 2231: Also Doing Related Research

Yet right after that, she heard Han Zhuoli say, “So I want to have you even more now.”

He anxiously wanted to connect with her intimately, to feel her and have her accommodate him.

To be so intimate with her that they could not be separated, to use their body temperatures and touch to confirm their realness, to keep her securely by his side.

Lu Mans face was burning red, flushing all the way up to the tips of her ears, but she hugged his neck tightly, using her actions to show how she felt without saying a word.

Han Zhuoli swiftly tightened his arms around her and brought her back to the bedroom.

At the same time as he put her on the bed, he began to kiss her hard.

He was afraid that if he kissed lightly, he would not be able to feel her.

Only with a little more strength could they clearly feel and confirm each others presence.

Lu Man also kissed him back hard and did not feel that he was hurting her at all.

And she wanted to just melt into his bones so she could make sure that they would never be apart.

“Man Man…” Han Zhuoli repeated her name again and again, caressing her.

On every inch of her skin, he wanted to imprint his name.

He trembled a little.

She was the most beautiful existence in his life.

Hed spent two lifetimes before he found her, so he definitely would not allow anything, even fate, to take her away from him.


In our past lives, you prevented us from meeting even though we were only one wall apart, so the two of us waited all our lives for nothing.

That life was muddled, as if we had lived for nothing.

In this lifetime, You brought her to me.

You allowed us to meet and fall in love.

Please, I beg you, dont take her away from me again, dont let us be apart from each other.

Han Zhuoli silently prayed in his heart.

The next day, the moment Han Zhuoli opened his eyes, he felt a sense of paranoia.

It was probably because of what Lu Man had told him yesterday, which made him extremely afraid that he would not be able to see her the moment he opened his eyes.

This time, when he opened his eyes, he quickly turned and saw Lu Man still sleeping securely in his arms.

She was sleeping soundly, her face still reddened, tinged with the beautiful glow of being filled with his love last night.

Han Zhuoli was reassured.

He lowered his head and used the tip of his nose to lightly rub against the tip of her nose.

His not-so calm breaths mingled with her calm and deep breaths.

Han Zhuoli smiled and instantly felt contented.

He kissed her lightly on her lips before he quietly got up.

He went to the study and contacted Wen Ren[1], the Master of Mount Lan Compounds Wen Clan.

The people who knew of the Mount Lan Compound and could contact the Wen Clan all knew that if there was any person or thing they could not find if they used their own abilities, then they would have to go to the Mount Lan Compound.

This was the same for the eight great families.

This was not to say that the eight great families were therefore weaker, but that they were each skilled in their own fields.

The Mount Lan Compound specialized in doing this.

They specialized in training and grooming secret service agents, who collected intelligence from every part of the world.

The eight great families each have strengths in their own fields, so they naturally were not as capable as the Mount Lan Compound in the field of intelligence.

“I want to find a person who can understand someone who dreamt of their past life.

To put it more incredulously, it had been something like being revived,” Han Zhuoli said.

Even to Wen Ren, Han Zhuoli did not dare to reveal Lu Mans identity.

But Wen Ren did not ask.

He was only in charge of resolving the issue based on the conditions proposed by the other party.

He never asked the reason behind it.

This had always been the guiding principle of the Mount Lan Compound.


This is a matter regarding the soul,” Wen Ren said.

“What a coincidence.

Our Mount Lan Compound is also doing related research on it.

Because all this time, in various parts of the world, such things have been happening.

There are also some mystical people who can resolve such issues.”

[1] Wordplay with similar characters to “famous person”

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