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When Lu Man came up, she realized that besides the seats next to Xia Mengxuan and Han Zhuoli, there were no other empty seats.

Just then did Han Zhuoli raise his eyes from his phone, seeing Lu Man standing and not moving, he pretentiously asked, “Why arent you sitting down”

Lu Man took a look at Zheng Tianming, who hurriedly took out his phone and pretended to be busy.


Just as Lu Man wanted to be thick-skinned and sit next to Xia Mengxuan, she heard Han Zhuoli say, “Theres no more seat right Then just sit here.”

He was pointing at the seat next to him.

Xia Mengxuan was extremely angry, if she knew earlier she would have been the last to come up, in the end, Lu Man managed to benefit for nothing!

It made it such that her actions and words just now were being judged by her colleagues, it was not worthwhile!

Lu Man obediently sat down next to Han Zhuoli.

Wu Lize was sitting right behind them, had the strange feeling in his heart increase even more and he could not help but raise his eyes to look at the backs of the two people seated in front of him.

Strangely, he felt that they suited each other, probably it must be that his eyesight was bad today.

“Are you nervous tonight” Han Zhuoli turned his head slightly, the tenderness in his gaze was not hidden at all.

“Its alright, I dont know if I can get an award, but Im not strongly wishing for it,” if she could get it, she was grateful for the affirmation for her, but if she could not get it, she would not lose much.

Since Xia Mengxuan was sitting at the last row, she could not hear their conversation, and even now she still did not know that Lu Man was also nominated tonight.

Han Zhuoli could not help but smile gently, feeling that no matter what Lu Man did, it was all good.

Just like now, even her mindset was so good!

She was still a young girl, but why was her mindset so mature!


At night, the awards ceremony was being held at Sheng Yue.

The bus stopped at the parking lot in Sheng Yue and everyone got down.

“Lets go to eat something at the restaurant first, dont go to the ceremony hungry,” Han Zhuoli told them.

Everyone was surprised, they did not think that Han Zhuoli would even think of that point.

Actually, Han Zhuoli couldnt care less as to whether or not they were hungry, he only remembered that he could not let Lu Man get hungry.

Others were benefiting thanks to Lu Man.

Under Zheng Tianmings deliberate arrangements, even in the restaurant, Lu Man was sitting next to Han Zhuoli.

Xia Mengxuan was green with envy, why was it that Lu Man had such luck!

All the dishes ordered by Han Zhuoli ordered were those that Lu Man enjoyed eating, it was just that the others did not know.

“CEO, Im thankful for having being nominated by the company for the Best Newcomer Award.” Unhappy with being ignored, Xia Mengxuan tried to attract attention towards herself.

“This is an affirmation of my abilities from the company, I will work hard to bring the award back.”

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli stopped his actions for a while, putting down his chopsticks he looked coldly at Xia Mengxuan, “Theres no need for that, we nominated you just because there was no one else and also because of what Manager Wu said that after this year, you wont have any no chance of being nominated.

He wished for the company to give you a chance, its just out of pity for you.

The company does not expect you to bring back a prize.”

Xia Mengxuan had really not imagined that she would get such a reply.

What extraordinary ability, it was all a joke!

Her nomination had nothing to do with her ability, it was just that there was no one else to nominate and she was being pitied, thats why she was nominated!

Xia Mengxuans face turned red, then it turned pale as if she could also hear the mocking laughter of her colleagues.

Xia Mengxuan suddenly glared at Lu Man, even if it were like this, the fact that Lu Man was not nominated meant that Lu Man was also not that good to be considered for nomination.

Seeing Xia Mengxuan stare at her, Lu Man found it weird, not knowing what Xia Mengxuan was thinking.

Whereas, Zheng Tianming who was at the other side was smirking in his mind, Xia Mengxuan opposed Lu Man and still wanted to be praised by the CEO

Too naive!

After they were done eating, they all went to the auditorium where the award ceremony was being held.

As soon as they entered the auditorium, they saw Lu Qiyuan following just behind them, entering the auditorium along with a few employees from his Public Relations Department.


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