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Chapter 2224: Where Did You Hurt Yourself

“So, I think, if our abilities exist, then things like past life and reincarnation might not be so impossible.”

Han Zhuoli stared deeply and Lu Man.

He knew Lu Man had something that she never told him about.

He also never asked all this time.

His intuition told him that this matter would not affect their relationship.

So whether Lu Man said it or not did not matter to him.

He did not force her either.

She can say it when she felt like saying it.

But Han Zhuoli actually felt a little uneasy deep down, afraid that Lu Man would leave him.

Although he felt that this thought was ridiculous too, he still could not help but worry.

He wondered if it was related to the matter that Lu Man did not tell him about.

Han Zhuoli asked nonchalantly, “Why did you suddenly ask about this”

Lu Man shook her head.

She wanted to say “nothing” at first, but she caught Han Zhuolis eyes.

Suddenly, she could not bring herself to say “nothing.”

But the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

Under Han Zhuolis gaze, after a while, Lu Man then said, “If… Im saying if.”

She tried her best to explain in a casual way, as if she was joking, as if it was just a figurative example, as if she was explaining this to test her husbands “desire to live.”

Lu Mans acting was so good on stage, so real and so effective.

Yet in front of Han Zhuoli, she could not bring herself to act, and she did not want to.

It was probably because she had long been used to it and had always been her truest self in front of him.

So she could not act or fake it at all.

So when she said this, she tried her best, but it still came out very awkward and uncomfortable.

“Mm.” Han Zhuoli chuckled and nodded, wanting Lu Man to relax and not be so nervous.

He just pulled Lu Man over and hugged her as she sat on his lap.

“Were still eating,” Lu Man reminded him.

“Its fine,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I think you wont be able to eat like this anyway.

And if I hug you like this, wont you feel a little more courageous

“I promise you, no matter when, no matter what you say, what you do, I wont let go,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I will hug you like Im doing right now.

No matter what you say, if I let go even the slightest bit, I will be a bast*rd.”

Lu Man laughed at his words.

It was very rare to hear Han Zhuoli cussing.

In the end, though she rarely heard it, he was actually cussing himself.

But being encouraged by Han Zhuoli like this, Lu Man really gained a little more courage.

“I…” Lu Mans fingers subconsciously pinched his shirt.

“What if I told you, I died once before”

She struggled very hard to say these words and immediately stared at Han Zhuoli carefully.

Yet Han Zhuoli quickly hugged her tight and asked, “When What happened to you Where did you hurt yourself”

Han Zhuolis first reaction was the thought that someone had harmed Lu Man before she met him.

His first suspects were Lu Qi and those people.

Lu Man quickly explained, “No, I meant, I lived once before.”

Han Zhuoli was so nervous, so Lu Man quickly explained and did not care about her concerns so much.

She just wanted to quickly explain herself.

But when she said that, she realized that it was as if she did not put her words clearly.

This matter was very difficult to explain to begin with.

Lu Man took a deep breath and said, “I remember what happened in my past life.

I dont know how to explain it more precisely.

Did I revive one more time, or did I remember my past life the moment I was awoken”

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