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Chapter 2213: Ill Shoulder It

“What do we do now” Xia Qingyang asked nervously.

Lawyer Huang replied, “There are two options now.

One, let the judge sentence you according to your actions.

Lengths of sentences will be based on the weight of your crime.

“The other is to let one person shoulder all the blame.”

Xia Qingyang paused while Lu Qi objected immediately, “No! No way! Its unfair to let one person take all the blame!”

He Zhengbai looked at Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang, silent.

Lawyer Huang said, “Among you, Mr.

He is an accessory, and his offense is likely the lightest.

Based on the current evidence, Mrs.

Lu was not the instigator.

Because the majority of the assets are under Miss Lus name, her sentence will be the heaviest.

Xia Qingyang instantly looked towards Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyang transferred most of the assets to Lu Qi back then so as to prevent Lu Qiyuan from dividing the assets up during a divorce.

Plus, she only had Lu Qi as a daughter, so naturally, shed give all these to her.

She was confident then that Lu Qi wouldnt leave her in the dust afterward.

There was no need for schemes with Lu Qi.

Who knew that something done out of consideration for Lu Qi would now be something that landed her in hot soup.

Lu Qi instantly turned ashen-faced.

Numbingly silent for a long moment, she finally spoke.

“Since… since my offense is the worst, then Ill shoulder all the blame.

“Since I appear to be the mastermind according to the evidence…” Lu Qi lowered her head, forcing herself to not look at Xia Qingyang.

She felt that Xia Qingyang was the instigator instead!

This whole thing was proposed by Xia Qingyang in the first place.

She was the one who suggested transferring his assets when Lu Qiyuan was heavily ill.

Based on Lu Qiyuans circumstances then, he actually wanted to leave a part of his inheritance to Lu Man.

Xia Qingyang obviously wouldnt agree to that.

She didnt want a cent to go to Lu Man.

Moreover, Lu Qiyuans an unreliable jerk, so it was better that they planned for themselves early.

Otherwise, the ones ending up without any money from him might be them.

Because of Xia Qingyangs words, Lu Qi then decided to do it.

So if they wanted an instigator, it had to be Xia Qingyang!

Yet what was this With the assets under Lu Qis name, Lu Qi was the one in trouble while the instigator could go free after their crimes got revealed!

Fortunately, Xia Qingyang couldnt read Lu Qis mind, or shed be mad.

Who knew shed given birth to an ingrate.

Lu Qi was the one who suggested moving the assets to her name initially.

Xia Qingyang felt that all the battles she fought were for Lu Qi anyway.

Would Lu Qi not care about her in her twilight years Not likely.

Xia Qingyang never expected her kind intentions would all be fed to the dogs.

Lu Qi had coaxed her with such a honeyed tongue back then, and knowing shed agreed to transfer the holdings to her name, she further cozied up to her.

And yet, now, she thought Xia Qingyang was purposely framing her.

Fortunately, Xia Qingyang didnt know of Lu Qis thoughts or shed burst into tears right then and there—all her kind motherly intentions were being fed to the dogs.

“My offense is the heaviest,” Lu Qi said.

“Lawyer Huang mentioned it already.

If sentenced, because of the huge amount, itll be for longer than five years.

But he suggests I plead guilty to lighten the sentence.

Without other unexpected developments, six years is likely.”

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