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Chapter 2209: I Do Want His Money, but He Wants My Life

The two of them were both stunned now.

They were so shocked that their minds turned blank, and they were not able to think properly at all.

“You… you, quickly, give He Zhengbai a call,” Xia Qingyang urged Lu Qi.

Lu Qi nodded frantically and quickly searched for her phone in her bag.

But the more she panicked, the worse she became at doing something.

Taking her phone was such a simple thing, but her hands were trembling so much that she could not grasp it properly, so it was stuck in her bag.

She finally pulled it out from her bag after much difficulty.

Her fingers trembled as she called He Zhengbai, but no one answered for a very long time.

At this moment, the doorbell to the door of the house also sounded.

The police had entered.

“How is it” Xia Qingyang asked urgently.

Lu Qis face turned pale.

She shook her head as she said, “No one answered.”

Xia Qingyangs eyes rounded so widely as she glared and said accusingly, “Dont tell me he ran away!”

“No… It cant be.” Lu Qi felt so nervous that her face was twitching uncontrollably.

“He might just be busy, so he didnt hear it.”

But not being able to contact him at such a critical moment still made them feel anxious and uneasy.

Xia Qingyang did not believe the excuse that Lu Qi came up with.

Actually, even Lu Qi herself did not believe it.

Just as the two of them were getting more and more anxious, the police officers came in.

There were three of them.


Xia Qingyang, Miss Lu Qi,” a police officer said, “someone is suing you for illegal embezzlement and transfer of the Lu Corporations assets.

Please come with us to assist with investigations.”

Xia Qingyang stood up instantly and asked, “Police officer, is there some misunderstanding The Lu Corporation is my familys company.

Why would we transfer our familys company assets Arent that companys assets our own We dont need to do anything.”

Lu Qi also stood up and hugged Xia Qingyangs elbow as she said to the police, “Yeah, whos the one suing us This is too ridiculous.”

“You two are only suspected of it now.

We have to investigate once a case is filed.

This is what we need to do,” the police officer said.

“Its only an investigation, we are not confirming the charges against you.

“Please cooperate with us.”

Could they not cooperate

They could not run anyway.

The two of them could only follow them and leave.

The two of them could not even sit together.

Each of them sat in a separate car.

At the same time, Lu Qi could not contact He Zhengbai at all.

In fact, he had been taken away by the police as well.

That was why Lu Qi could not contact him.

The only advantage he had over Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi was that, once He Zhengbai was taken away, the He family immediately hired a lawyer for him.

Meanwhile, Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang reached the police station.

The two of them naturally were not people who did not know anything, so they also requested to only speak after their lawyer arrived.

They had to investigate since the case was filed, but they could not detain them either.

Because they were just suspects for now.

When Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi found out that it was actually Lu Qiyuan whod gathered the evidence to sue them, they instantly became unsettled.

After the two of them came out, Xia Qingyang was still in a daze.

She was so angry that she started shaking.

“No wonder when I brought up divorce, Lu Qiyuan looked so calm and secure.

He was not worried at all.

So he had long prepared for it.”

Xia Qingyang scoffed mockingly.

“He was waiting for me to do this! Lu Qiyuan is really something! At the most critical moment, he could forsake his kin.

“My relationship with him as husband and wife of more than twenty years means nothing to him at all!” Xia Qingyang laughed as her heart turned cold.

That laugh sounded more like a cry.

“He can let go when he said he wanted to,” Xia Qingyang said.

“He was clearly the one who committed adultery.

When I want to divorce him, he turned around and sued me.

I do want his money, but he wants my life!”

She was already so old.

If she went to jail because of such a serious crime, how was it different from sentencing her to death!

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