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Chapter 2207: Police Report

Now that Xia Qingyang had brought it up, Lu Qiyuan seemed to have every intention to go through with it as well.

Even if she persuaded Xia Qingyang to bow down and apologize to Lu Qiyuan now, Xia Qingyang was at the top of her anger and would not agree anyway.

Lu Qi could only let today pass and wait for tomorrow, when Xia Qingyang would have calmed down a little more, before she talked to her properly about it again.


Lu Qiyuan returned to the office.

The people who were originally in the meeting had already left.

They guessed that even if Lu Qiyuan came back, he probably would not be in the mood to continue with the meeting.

And he left with Xia Qingyang to talk.

Who knew how long they would take

They could not just sit there and wait.

Even if they waited until Lu Qiyuan came back, he probably would not want to see them.

Even the employees on that level all hid from Lu Qiyuan, not daring to appear in front of him.

They were afraid that they would bear the brunt of his rage.

After all, they had just witnessed a massive family fallout scene.

It was really extremely exciting.

So when Lu Qiyuan came back, not a single person looked at him.

This also made him quite satisfied.

Although he knew that the whole company knew about what had happened just now, at least no one was being annoying about it in front of him.

Lu Qiyuan entered his office and called the police.

At the same time, he looked for a lawyer.

He wanted to sue Xia Qingyang, Lu Qi, and He Zhengbai for embezzlement and illegal transfer of his companys assets.

If he wanted to sue, he would sue them all together.

And Lu Qiyuan did not let even Lu Qi off, the youngest daughter that he had doted on all this time.


Lu Qiyuan scoffed.

Lu Qi was the one who was unloyal and unfilial to him first.

Why should he spare her

After settling these matters, Lu Qiyuan then thought of Jiang Yujie.

This was such a coincidence.

Xia Qingyang came to find trouble with Jiang Yujie today, but Jiang Yujie had taken leave and was not around.

He did not think Jiang Yujie was playing tricks, but he actually guessed that it might be that Xia Qingyang had already gone to find trouble with Jiang Yujie first.

Hence, he gave Jiang Yujie a call.

Jiang Yujie allowed the phone to ring for a very long time before she answered in a weak and weary tone.

“Yujie, what happened to your voice” Lu Qiyuan immediately asked.

“Are you crying”

“No.” Although Jiang Yujie said that, her voice trembled and choked a little.

She sounded a little depressed, as if shed cried until her nose was blocked.

“What do you mean no Your voice sounds really off to me.

Tell me honestly, what exactly happened” Lu Qiyuan asked.

“Im really fine.

Didnt I just take leave today Its because I have a bit of flu and dont feel very well.

Thats why my voice is a little off,” Jiang Yujie said in a low voice.

But the more she denied and refused to admit it like this, the more Lu Qiyuan felt that there was something going on.

Jiang Yujie really knew Lu Qiyuans thoughts like the back of her hand.

“I dont believe it.” Lu Qiyuan sounded really domineering.

He paused for a moment before he said, “Just now, Xia Qingyang came to the company to look for you.

Although you werent around, she still made a huge ruckus here.

“Yujie, tell me honestly, did Xia Qingyang go and find trouble with you” Lu Qiyuan said.

“Dont be afraid and dont have any misgivings.

If theres anything, Ill stand up for you.”

“I…” Jiang Yujie sounded as if she still had misgivings.

But Jiang Yujies attitude made Lu Qiyuan all the more certain.

“She went to find you,” Lu Qiyuan said very certainly.

“Did she hit you Did you get hurt If not, you wont have taken a leave today.”

“Im fine,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Yujie! Are you treating me like an outsider” Lu Qiyuan just got baited in like this step by step.

“Are you at your parents place now”

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