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Chapter 2198: Anything That She Needed to Do, She Would Gladly Oblige

But Jiang Yujie already took that very first step.

All that Lu Man could do afterward was to try her best to help Jiang Yujie so that she could proceed more smoothly.

Jiang Yujie was in charge of lowering Lu Qiyuans guard.

Meanwhile, Lu Man had asked Han Zhuoli to dig up evidence of Lu Qiyuan framing Jiang Huaizhou.

At the same time, he sent someone to keep an eye on Xia Qingyangs movements.

Because Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuans matter would not remain hidden for long.

Letting Xia Qingyang discover it, her getting into a huge fallout with Lu Qiyuan, making Lu Qiyuan feel even more distant from Xia Qingyang, these were also part of Jiang Yujies plans.

Hence, Lu Man sent someone to keep watch on Xia Qingyang.

As long as Xia Qingyang made some unusual movements, she could let Jiang Yujie know in advance.

Jiang Yujie really did not expect that.

She only looked for Lu Man at the start as she had no one else to turn to.

At first, she was mentally prepared that Lu Man would not help her.

Whod have thought that though Lu Man had no intention to help her get close to Lu Qiyuan, she would still be willing to directly help her find evidence.

And even after learning that Jiang Yujie would not change her mind no matter what, Lu Man still tried her best efforts to help her and to prevent her from getting hurt.

It wasnt because Jiang Yujie felt righteous that she rejected Lu Mans help.

Its because she thought, why should someone help her like this

She was not entitled to anyones help.

Other people didnt owe her.

If one went to others for help and others gave it, that was because others were kind.

If others did not help, that was also within their rights.

There were so many people in this world whod met with injustice.

If none of them thought to solve it on their own and kept thinking of wanting others to come and help them, wanting to rely on other people, and even on someone completely unrelated to them, should others just help them

Could other people help them

Jiang Yujie did not think that her sacrifice was that big.

She felt that it was fine as long as she felt it was worth it.

If she only accepted Lu Mans help but did not do anything herself, then how was she different from a blood-sucking leech

Even she would look down on herself if she were like that.

At least, since this was her own matter, she would not add to the troubles of others.

But she did not expect that even if that was the case, Lu Man was still willing to help her.

Before she made her decision, Lu Man advised her to reconsider.

After she still chose to do it, Lu Man stopped persuading her but did her best to help her, so that she would not sacrifice herself for nothing.

The kind of help that Lu Man provided was the help she needed the most.

She was very grateful to Lu Man, grateful that she helped her like this rather than just try to stop her all the way with the excuse, “its for your own good.”

How many people used the excuse “its for your own good” to force others to do things

But Lu Man was different.

Lu Man persuaded her as best as she could and did all that was in her power.

When she could not stop her, she tried her best to help her and respected her, and she did not scorn her because of this choice that shed made.

She did not look down on her just because of the situation she was in now.

She did not know if she was worthy of being Lu Mans friend, but Lu Man made her feel as if she was being treated like a friend.

She really did not know how to thank Lu Man.

At Lu Mans current status, she did not lack anything.

Nothing needed to be said where material things were concerned.

For anything that she needed help with, Han Zhuoli could help her resolve it, so there was no need for other people to help.

But Jiang Yujie had still decided on this.

In this lifetime, no matter what situation Lu Man met with, as long as she could provide even a little bit of help, no matter what she needed to do, she would gladly oblige and do it!

Xia Qingyang had asked the private investigator to check on Lu Qiyuans lover.

Meanwhile, Lu Man had sent someone to keep watch on Xia Qingyang all this time.

Thus, she came to know of it immediately and quickly notified Jiang Yujie so that she could be mentally prepared.

Even today, when Xia Qingyang sought out Jiang Yujie, someone had been following Xia Qingyang and deduced what she wanted to do based on the direction she was heading towards.

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