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Chapter 2181: Putting on an Act for Whom

Just then, Lu Qi came out of her room and saw her mother.

“Where are you going, Mom”

Xia Qingyang replied as she grabbed her car keys, “The agency called.

Your dads matters have been uncovered.

Im going over.”

Xia Qingyang said as she headed out, “Im curious which little vixen is so shameless!”

It did not occur to Xia Qingyang that she was also a shameless vixen back then.

Lu Qi got interested too, saying, “Im going with you, Mom.”

“What are you going over for”

“Youre so easily riled up.

Ill have to be there to stop you!”

Lu Qi walked over.

“Even if you really want to exact revenge on that vixen, we have to plan it well and not be impulsive! Im afraid youd be too rash.”

Xia Qingyang thought about it and, seeing that Lu Qi already knew about it and there was nothing to hide, agreed.

Thus, both went to the agency.

They entered the directors office.

The director handed over the information theyd found.

“This is where your husband and his mistress are staying.”

“You should recognize his mistress,” the director said.

“Its his secretary, called Jiang Yujie.”

“Its really her!” Lu Qi burst out.

“I wasnt wrong about her!”

Xia Qingyang took out the information to read it.

It included pictures of Lu Qiyuan and Jiang Yujie together, taken by the directors assistant and mentee.

The two, getting off work, headed straight from the office and directly to a date.

There were also pictures of them socializing with business partners, then returning to the villa after that.

There were also a few pictures showing scenes from the villas living room on the first floor and from the balcony, which had the curtains undrawn.

Their interactions were captured through the windows.

In the pictures, Lu Qiyuan was extremely attentive and doting towards Jiang Yujie.

His looks towards Jiang Yujie were also extremely gentle.

A Lu Qiyuan who was in love again looked as if he was glowing, and he actually looked a lot younger.

They were very touchy even in the living room.

Even on the road at night, they appeared extremely close.

Needless to say, theyd be much closer usually with the curtains drawn.

Seeing her husband giving all his gentleness to another woman made Xia Qingyang so furious that she almost ripped the photos.

“Alright!” Xia Qingyangs finger poked hard on Jiang Yujies face.

“Lu Qiyuan refuses to go home now and is so impatient towards me, yet he spends all his time with this b*tch!” Xia Qingyang fumed.

“Just like you said, this sl*t is obviously dishonest, only putting on an air of innocence.

Putting on an act for whom! What a sl*t!

“Looking like a pure white lotus when in reality, shes a shameless hussy, willing to submit to this old josser for money!”

Ignoring the directors presence, Xia Qingyang turned to Lu Qi and said, “Is Lu Qiyuan a fool He got tricked by this young lady.

And look at his face, smiling with his face full of wrinkles.

Does he really believe that such a young one would feel love for him

“Shes young and pretty.

If she really wanted a proper relationship, wouldnt she find someone her own age Does being with him really mean she likes old guys When girls say they like mature men, they mean guys like Zhang Shuidong, not actual old men.”

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