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Chapter 2166: This Is a Case of Becoming Conceited

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Given Han Zhuolings temper, how could he indulge her!

Cen Mengqing was waiting to make a joke of Shi Xiaoya.

Its true that she came to find Shi Xiaoya to apologize today, and she promised Xia Zhancheng yesterday night that she would.

Shed said things like as long as she could talk things out with Shi Xiaoya and beg for her forgiveness, she would even go down on her knees.

But who did not know how to put on an act

To make Xia Zhancheng forgive her, she could say anything.

Of course, if Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had set their heart on not letting off their family, then she could really go all out and go down on her knees.

Just that her kneeling would not be sincere.

In Cen Mengqings heart, that would still just be an act.

For the sake of her family, she could bend her pride at will..

No matter what, they had to tide over this crisis first.

But her being able to do it did not mean that she would do it from the bottom of her heart.

She still looked down on Shi Xiaoya deep down and felt an intense enmity towards her.

She especially wanted to see Shi Xiaoya fail.

Now, when she heard that Shi Xiaoya actually dared to talk so sarcastically to Han Zhuoling, Cen Mengqing started to gloat in her heart.

If she wasnt still in front of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, or if Xia Zhancheng wasnt there at this moment, she would definitely gleefully and delightedly say, “This is a case of becoming conceited after being in someones good graces.”

Cen Mengqing tried her best to control the gleeful look on her face and maintained a humble expression.

Alas, her acting skills were really not that great.

Her gaze still revealed her true thoughts.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling naturally saw it.

Han Zhuolings gaze turned cold.

Shi Xiaoya mocked her silently.

Given this, Cen Mengqing still wanted to come and seek mediation

However, although the two of them noticed it, neither treated it seriously.

Anyway, no matter whether Cen Mengqing was really sincere or not, Han Zhuoling had never planned to let the Xia family off.

But right now, all of Han Zhuolings attention was focused on Shi Xiaoya.

Because the look of ridicule on Shi Xiaoyas face was too obvious, even Han Zhuoling felt helpless.

Shi Xiaoyas expression at this moment made him feel as if he was about to go home only to kneel on the washing board.

He could not help but laugh and reached out to hold Shi Xiaoyas hand, laughing as he said, “What are you saying I have only one mother-in-law, and thats our mom.”

No matter how shameless Cen Mengqing was, she would not be able to treat the words “our mom” as if they were referring to her.

Cen Mengqings expression instantly changed.

She never expected that Han Zhuoling would not chide Shi Xiaoya for her attitude at all and would actually be so cooperative with her.

Seeing the two of them reacting thus to each other, who knew how many times such similar situations had occurred

Now, even Cen Mengqing felt how much her own daughter had been unjustly treated.

Yes, Xia Yixin was at fault.

She committed adultery and bore a child for another man.

But that was because Han Zhuoling did not treat Xia Yixin well!

Why should Han Zhuoling treat Xia Yixin so coldly and yet treat Shi Xiaoya so well He was so tolerant with her.

No matter what Shi Xiaoya said, he would not get angry.

If Han Zhuoling had only treated Xia Yixin back then half as well as he treated Shi Xiaoya, or even if it was just with one-tenth of his current patience and tolerance, would Xia Yixin have committed adultery

Cen Mengqings eyes were about to turn red.

Why had Han Zhuoling treated Xia Yixin so badly when he was treating Shi Xiaoya so well!

At this moment, Han Zhuoling then turned and said coldly to Cen Mengqing, “Madam Xia, please call me Mr.


We are not that close.”

Cen Mengqing was so furious that she almost scolded him.

He was her son-in-law in the past!

In the end, after he got a divorce and got a new fling, he just turned his back on them in the blink of an eye!

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