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Chapter 2161: All of Us Will Be Done for

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Only then could she avoid the disaster of going to jail.

Even if she could not avoid it, at least they would be able to find a way to make her life a little more comfortable as much as possible.

But if the Xia family was done for, who would do all these things for her

Who could she still rely on

Before she did all these things, did she not use her brains to think

Cen Mengqing was so enraged that she pounded hard on her own chest.

She felt as if her breath was weighing it down, unable to get out no matter how she pounded.

At this moment, a loud bang suddenly sounded, scaring Cen Mengqing.

She clutched her chest and turned to look, then saw the door being pushed open and slamming hard against the wall.

Xia Zhancheng took big steps in, his face extremely pale from anger..

Cen Mengqing stood up nervously.


Her voice was very unsteady.

“Didnt I tell you not to interfere in this matter But what did you do instead” Xia Zhancheng was so furious, it was as if he used all the strength he had to smash his phone ruthlessly on the bed.

The phone landed on the bed, bouncing twice.

When it landed to a stop, the screen happened to be facing upwards, revealing the page that Xia Zhancheng had been looking at.

The content displayed on the screen was that of Xia Yixin slandering Shi Xiaoya, being exposed, and then getting scolded by the whole Internet.

“Are you both bent on ruining our family” Xia Zhancheng asked furiously.

“Xia Yixin had been living so long for nothing.

She isnt young anymore, and she is even a mother to a child.

Why is she still so ignorant!

“Before this, she threw away her fine marriage with Han Zhuoling and just had to steer things to where it is now.

Shes made our family struggle so hard to keep ourselves afloat, such that we could only barely survive.

One wrong step and all of us would be done for!”

Xia Zhanchengs eyes reddened.

He was really tired.

He was so tired from being set up by those two women at home.

“I worked day and night, trying my best to help the company survive so that you both can still continue to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle youve been so used to.

But what about you both Both of you only know how to do me in!

“Has life become too easy and comfortable for you guys Is that why you think you can do whatever sh*t you want

“Xia Yixin had offended the Han Family to death, but since this matter already happened, I admitted defeat.

Who asked me not to educate my daughter well To raise her up to be so dumb I didnt educate her well, so being implicated by her is also my karma.

“At first, I didnt even ask for her to be mature and help the family with anything.

The least she could do was to stop doing harm to the family.

In the end, she couldnt even do such a simple thing.

She just had to implicate our family until we are all done for for good.

She would only be satisfied then, is that it

“Forget it.” Xia Zhancheng probably felt tired and could not be bothered to say anything more.

He sighed with an extremely tired look on his face and said, “I wont talk about Xia Yixin anymore.

She is already in such a state, I no longer have any hopes for her.

“The lawyer called just now.

He said Xia Yixin would lose if she went to court.

Her fate is sealed.

And the lawyer that Han Zhuoling will hire is someone whom our lawyer is no match for.

“Given Han Zhuolings temper, he will definitely want Xia Yixin to be given the heaviest sentence,” Xia Zhancheng said.

“Then… then what should we do” Cen Mengqing asked immediately.

Its true that she was also angry that Xia Yixin had implicated them so badly.

But she could not really just watch as her own daughter went to jail!

Any girl sent to jail would be bullied to death, wouldnt she

What more Xia Yixin, who had never suffered a single bit since she was young and had been living a lavish life How could she possibly be able to bear life in jail

Given that nasty temper of hers, she would definitely offend someone inside.

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