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Chapter 2159: I Wont Be Able to Win

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“Its fine if we give it to you.

As long as you are sincere about mediating, then theres no problem,” the other party said.

Xia Zhancheng frowned when he heard that.

“I am indeed sincere about mediating.”

“Yes, of course I trust you, but that might not be the case for your wife,” the other party said.

“You should go on Weibo and take a look.

Your daughter previously hired someone to go and slander Shi Xiaoya as a kept mistress, and it got found out by other people that its your daughter who slandered her.

In the end It seems as if your wife had uploaded the video of Shi Xiaoya getting slandered from back then.”

Xia Zhancheng took a deep breath that almost got stuck in his throat, unable to be breathed out.

This mother and daughter pair.

Why do they never stop!

“Whod have thought Shi Xiaoya was actually the Shi familys daughter” the other party said.

“Dont say that your wife and daughter didnt think of it, even we didnt expect that.

Shi Xiaoya is way too low-key.”

“The Shi family” Xia Zhancheng frowned, having a bad feeling.

“Which Shi family”

“Which other family could it be” the other party said.

“Its your familys rival, that Shi family.”

Xia Zhancheng really did not expect that Shi Xiaoya was actually from the Shi family!

Although her last name was Shi, besides Xia Yixin and Cen Mengqing, even he did not think of the Shi family.

The Xias and the Shis had been rivals for many years.

In the business field, because they were competitors in many industries, they had always been competing very intensely.

They did not see eye to eye with each other and had fought for many years.

That Shi Guanzhong was already annoying, but who knew that even his daughter would be just as annoying!

Now, because the Xias had been whacked by the Han Family until they were on their last breath, the Shis had already completely suppressed the Xias in business now.

In the end, even Shi Guanzhongs daughter also wanted to come and set up the Xia family!

Only now did Xia Zhancheng realize, how come the Shi family managed to rise so quickly

Even if they seized the opportunity when the Xia family was weak to suppress them, by right, the Xias should not have been suppressed so badly by the Shis.

But this explained everything now.

Shi Xiaoya was with Han Zhuoling, so the Han Family made things easier for her family.

Wont it be a piece of cake for the Shis to suppress the Xias then

“By doing this, your daughter literally offended the Hans and the Shis at the same time.

So—” The other party was decent enough not to be so direct about it.

Even if the Han Family did not join in, just the Shis alone would have been enough trouble for the Xias.

The other party said, “You should hurry and go online to understand the situation first.

I just briefly explained the situation to you.

But the actual situation is much more serious than what I described.”

After the other party finished speaking, Xia Zhancheng thanked the person and ended the call.

He was about to go online to see the situation that the other party was talking about when the lawyer that Cen Mengqing hired for Xia Yixin, who was also the Xia family companys lawyer, gave Xia Zhancheng a call.

“CEO Xia,” the lawyer said.

“Miss Xia cannot be bailed out now.

If we go to court, theres a 90% chance of losing.

The only thing we can work on now is to see if we can reduce the sentence to the minimum.

“But I think it will be difficult,” the lawyer said very straightforwardly.

“After all, Miss Xia offended Shi Xiaoya so severely.

If Han Zhuoling hires a lawyer for Shi Xiaoya, I wont be able to win.”

“What about mediation” Xia Zhancheng still held on to a last glimmer of hope.

The lawyer shook his head and said, “There might have been a slight possibility previously, but theres no chance of that happening at all now.

“When Miss Xia had just been taken to the police station, I already spoke to her and suggested that she think of ways to mediate, to bow her head and apologize to Shi Xiaoya,” the lawyer said.

“But Miss Xia seemed to have been planning to use something to threaten Shi Xiaoya.

The thing was in Madam Xias hands.”

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