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Chapter 2157: The More Horrible She Feels, the More Happy I Feel

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Shi Xiaoya was slightly stunned for a moment before she understood him.

Even if it could originally be a light sentence, Han Zhuoling would make Xia Yixin receive a heavy sentence.

This was not about him being cold-hearted or ruthless.

If he were someone who still considered feelings with people like Xia Yixin, Shi Xiaoya would not have chosen to be together with Han Zhuoling either.

Who are we talking about feelings with

A man who treated feelings like a central air conditioning system and who was wishy-washy would not be a desirable man.

Shi Xiaoya then smiled in satisfaction and said, “Yeah.

Anyway, I meant, no matter how she tries to stir trouble, she will still be the one on the losing end ultimately.

Arent I completely fine now I didnt get attacked by netizens either.

Its actually her whos in the police station now and is also the target of public furor online.

“No matter what happens, it will be fine as long as you protect me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Anyway, its not only Xia Yixin.

There were quite a few people who tried to play dirty with me.

Didnt you protect me as well

“Also, the more angry Xia Yixin is and the more she cant stand to see me do well, the more happy it makes me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow, feeling perplexed.

Shi Xiaoya then explained, “Because the more she hates me, the more it shows that she regretted it.

Anyway, she didnt treasure you, and thats her loss.

The more horrible she feels, the happier I feel.”

From her words, it sounded as if he was so good to the point that it was so rare and hard to find.

Han Zhuoling even wanted to ask, was he the man Shi Xiaoya was talking about even

She made him sound a little too great.

Han Zhuoling hugged Shi Xiaoya, finally doing what he felt embarrassed to do in front of Shi Nancang.

He hugged Shi Xiaoya in his arms and “caressed” her for a good while.

When he stopped, Shi Xiaoyas face was blushing furiously from his touch.

Even her hair was in a mess.

She looked like a cat that had been caressed until it was in a daze, her eyes wide open and looking especially innocent.

Han Zhuoling felt an urge in his heart and locked one arm firmly around her waist while trailing his other arm up her spine, cupping the back of her head.

Letting Shi Xiaoya totally lean against his arms.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head slightly and kissed her.

Shi Xiaoya clutched his shoulders with both hands.

Her whole body was trapped in his arms, unable to move.

Until Han Zhuoling relaxed his grip slightly so Shi Xiaoyas arms could successfully wrap around his neck.

Han Zhuoling then held her legs to carry her up and walk towards the bedroom.

Their bedroom was now on the floor above.

But Han Zhuoling really did not want to go upstairs anymore and just turned to walk into her original bedroom.

Han Zhuoling thought to himself that keeping Shi Xiaoyas bedroom downstairs and not changing it into something else was way too brilliant of a decision.

See, like now, when it was not convenient to go upstairs, there was already a room downstairs.

As Han Zhuoling thought of that, he did not let go of Shi Xiaoya at all and continued kissing her.

As he hugged Shi Xiaoya in his arms, she was just like a koala hanging on to him now, looking so small, so pitiful, and so helpless.

For some reason, these three words suddenly appeared in Han Zhuolings mind.

Even if he bent over, letting go of both hands and placing them on the bed, Shi Xiaoya was still hanging from him.

Han Zhuoling laughed because of what she was doing, then lightly smacked her butt and said, “What are you doing”

Shi Xiaoya giggled, showing that she was deliberately teasing him.

She bumped around in his arms and refused to get down, her elbows hugging him tight around his neck.

Her nose happened to bump against his earlobe..

As she was laughing, it was as if her breaths caressed his earlobe lightly, breath by breath.

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