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Chapter 2156: I Wont Be So Stupid

“Older Brother, when you go back, tell Dad and Mom that Im fine and that they shouldnt worry about me.

With Zhuoling around, everything will be okay,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Shi Nancang chuckled and said, “Dad and Mom also know that with Zhuoling around, you wont suffer any wrongs.

But even if they know that, they cant help but worry.

How could they not worry about their own daughter”

Shi Xiaoya tapped on her head.

“I know that.

I will try my best not to let anything that will make Dad and Mom worry happen.”

Shi Nancang laughed and said, “You dont have to.

Some people just want to find trouble, its not like you can control it.

Even if you dont cause trouble, that doesnt mean some people wont come and provoke you.

Dont hold it in just because you dont want to make us worry, and dont even dare to not make a sound when other people bully you, thinking that if we dont know, we wont worry.

“If you do this, we might actually have to worry more, with you getting bullied outside but not daring to say it,” Shi Nancang said.

“Anyway, you have Zhuoling now, and you have our family as your pillar of support.

Anyone who has a bit of brain wont dare to do anything to you openly.

“But what Im worried about is, precisely because they dont dare to bully you on the surface, they will pull even more dirty tricks behind your back.

There will be more and more people whod scheme and try to think of ways to harm you out of jealousy,” Shi Nancang said.

“The more things are like this, the more you shouldnt hide it from us.

Since you have us, theres nothing for you to be scared of, and you are not a pushover either.

So dont just shoulder it all by yourself just because you are afraid that we will be worried.

You have to let us know.

“Only when we stand up for you and help you to resolve the matter can we truly be assured and feel at ease,” Shi Nancang instructed.

He was really worried that this little girl would stupidly shoulder it all on her own just because she really did not want them to worry.

Their family had doted on her since she was young and have inculcated that habit in her.

They always let her know that if someone bullied her, there was no need to fear.

She had people backing her up at home.

She did not need to rush ahead on her own, only coming back home to share what had happened.

She had her father and older brother to stand up for her.

They had always educated Shi Xiaoya with such a mentality, precisely so that Shi Xiaoya would always be confident no matter when it was and not be afraid that others would bully her.

So that after she grew up, lived on her own, and faced all these things on her own, she could still be fully confident and know that she had her parents and older brother standing up for her back at home.

Shi Nancang felt that, given his age, he could always stand up for her for the rest of her life, no problem.

“I know, Older Brother.

Dont worry.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “I wont be so stupid.”

Shi Nancang smiled and nodded.


Theres Zhuoling keeping an eye on you, and you yourself are not timid to begin with.”

Shi Nancang knew Shi Xiaoyas temper.

He was mainly worried that she would feel guilty about making the whole family worry along with her.

From the looks of it now, Shi Xiaoya seemed to have adjusted her mentality, so he left together with Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

After sending them off, Han Zhuoling pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms and let out a long sigh.

“Im sorry.

Its all because of me that Xia Yixin came to find trouble with you.”

“Are we going to take turns feeling guilty tonight” Shi Xiaoya asked while smiling.

“Im not afraid of her finding trouble with me.

Anyway, with you supporting me, she probably cant do anything to me.

“Take tonight.

She wanted to slander me, but in the end She got one-upped by us.

Shes in the police station now, and who knows what will happen to her” Shi Xiaoya said.

“She will go to jail,” Han Zhuoling said very firmly.

“She can forget about doing anything to you from now on.”

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