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Chapter 2149: The Mastermind

“Who exactly is that mastermind Im so curious.”

“The people who have bad blood with Shi Xiaoya are either her rivals at work or her love rivals.

But based on my analysis, her rivals at work might find some use in slandering her personal life, but it will not achieve the best results.

It will be something that achieves little but needs extra effort to do.

If it was a rival at work, then its better if they just slander her professional work.

Slandering her personal life isnt very useful.

So I think it must be the love rival type.

Or at least, someone who cant stand seeing her being with Han Zhuoling and being so happy with him.”

“I also think its a love rival.

This possibility is highly likely, but then, the scope of the possibility is also too broad.

Han Zhuoling himself is surely liked by many people.

This mastermind will not be easy to find.”

Just as everyone was making their own guesses, one netizens words attracted the attention of many.

“I think I know who Han Zhuoling is talking about.

Tonight, there was a charity gala event that celebrities from both the entertainment industry and the fashion industry all attended.

There were also many debutantes and business leaders present.

If Shi Xiaoyas matter hadnt blown up, those people would have been the ones trending on the hot search topics.

The charity gala event tonight was held at our convention center.

“It just happened that I was on the shift tonight, so I was responsible for the service at the charity gala event.” This netizen then said, “Shi Xiaoya also came tonight, not as a guest, but as supermodel Yu Mingshus makeup artist.

She followed her until right before the gala officially started.”

“But alas, one really cannot avoid ones foes.

Xia Yixin and her mother also attended tonight.

When Xia Yixin saw Shi Xiaoya, she stopped her.

I dont know what she said, I was very far away and couldnt hear clearly.

Afterward, Xia Yixins mother Cen Mengqing also went over, and the mother and daughter pair both blocked Shi Xiaoyas way.”

“Then after that, I suddenly heard Xia Yixin loudly screaming that Shi Xiaoya was a mistress.

I dont quite remember her original words, but she was probably saying that Shi Xiaoya was shameless for being a mistress.

Xia Yixin was screaming very loudly then, everyone heard it.

But because not all the guests who were attending the gala event had entered the venue, there were probably only about half of the celebrities who were present.

Anyway, these people all heard it.

“But before Xia Yixin could say anything else, the police came and just took Xia Yixin away.

Cen Mengqing even wanted to stop them, but how could she have The police said at the time that if Cen Mengqing wanted to stop them, they would arrest her as well for obstructing police investigations.

“Anyway, during the scene at that time, I thought that at first Shi Xiaoya would be scolded to death by Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin and her mother both ganged up on Shi Xiaoya, looking really aggressive.

And they even called her a mistress.

At that time, many people were guessing, could it be that Shi Xiaoya came in between Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixins marriage, thats why Han Zhuoling divorced Xia Yixin

“Whod have guessed that the police would then come to arrest Xia Yixin, saying that someone was suing her for slander.

Many people did not even have time to start suspecting Shi Xiaoya when they saw such a huge turn of events.

And judging from what they said, it seemed as if Xia Yixin slandered Shi Xiaoya.

Anyway, Xia Yixin had been taken away afterward.

After that, Shi Xiaoya carried on with her work, all the way until the gala was about to start and she left.

“Right at that moment, Han Zhuoling came to fetch her.

Seems like the twos relationship is really good.

When Shi Xiaoya came to work, Han Zhuoling even especially came to fetch her.

“I still didnt know what exactly was going on with Xia Yixin.

What slander It made no sense,” this netizen said.

“But after this scandal broke out tonight, coupled with Han Zhuoling and Lu Chaos statements, I was thinking, could this mastermind be Xia Yixin Or else, why would she be taken away on charges of slander”

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