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Chapter 2147: This Person, He Wrote It So Sincerely!

Lu Chao did not reply.

His silence meant agreement at this moment.

Lu Man understood and said, “I got it, thank you.”

Lu Chao did not say anything, so Lu Man said, “Xiaoya has already agreed to the request you brought up just now.

As long as you are sincere in admitting your mistake and let the netizens know your stand, Xiaoya can stop pursuing the matter with you.”

Lu Chao instantly heaved a sigh of relief and felt that hed had a close shave.

He immediately said to Lu Man, “Ill get to it immediately! Rest assured, this was my fault to begin with.”

After ending the call, Lu Chao went to prepare writing the apology.

He checked through it thoroughly many times and edited a few parts.

Then, he called Lu Man and said, feeling quite embarrassed, “Really sorry, I forgot to ask for your email just now.

Can you give me your email so I can send you the apology statement I have just typed for you to have a look If you think its okay, I will then send it out.”

Hence, Lu Man sent her email to him.

After ending the call, Lu Man laughed and said, “I can tell that hes really scared now.

Hes even so cooperative with the apology statement.”

Situations like these when the person who posted apologized after sending out the news that harmed the other partys reputation were quite common.

Whether it was really slander or not, it was a fight between the two parties.

The party that lost would always sound a little unwilling in the apology statement that was sent out.

As if they were forced to do it by someone.

It felt like she had just ended a call, but within less than a minute, Lu Chao had already sent over the apology statement that he had just edited again.

He sent it in an attachment.

The email even wrote, “Lu Man, please see if theres any part thats not suitably written.

If theres a part that needs editing, please mark it out and I will edit it immediately.

It would be best if you can let Young Master Ling and Young Master Cang take a look as well, to see if they are satisfied with it.”

Lu Man shook her head and laughed as she stared at the email and said, “Lu Chao sent an apology statement over.

Hes basically saying that if we are not happy, he will write whatever we want him to write.”

Even Han Zhuoling smiled.

Lu Man then let everyone take a look at that apology statement.

This was really the most sincere statement that Lu Man had ever seen.

“How is it” Lu Man asked them.

Even Shi Nancang felt that there was no issue with it and could not help but exclaim, “This person, he really wrote it very sincerely!”

Han Zhuoling thought it was okay too, so Lu Man replied to Lu Chao as such.

Lu Chao immediately replied to her, “Then I will post this online immediately.”

Within a few minutes, she received a call from Lu Chao.

“I have already posted it.”

Lu Man laughed.

Lu Chao was really scared now.

“Young Master Ling and Young Master Cang really wont pursue the matter with me, right” Lu Chao was still a bit worried and wanted to confirm it with her again.

“Why dont I ask them to personally promise it to you” Lu Man asked.

Although they said they would not pursue the matter with him, he still slandered Shi Xiaoya, after all.

Lu Man was not going to be so nice to him.

“No need, no need,” Lu Chao quickly said.

After ending the call, Lu Man told everyone and they all went online to take a look.

Indeed, Lu Chao personally posted an apology statement.

“Regarding the video tonight that had accused Miss Shi Xiaoya of ruining someone elses family, I was the one whod sent it out.

I didnt see the complete version of the video before, and I simply relied on and trusted this edited version that had been given to me by someone else, thereafter uploading and spreading it online.

This caused immense harm to Miss Shi Xiaoyas reputation.

I sincerely and solemnly apologize to Miss Shi Xiaoya here.”

“For this matter, I have indeed been hired by someone else to do this.

Someone wants to slander Miss Shi Xiaoya.

And I, unknowingly, became an accomplice in this matter.

But being an unknowing party is not an excuse I can make for myself.

I dont know what words I can use to fully express my guilt and apology.”

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