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Chapter 2144: Not Someone She Can Easily Offend

“This new video shows that towards the end, that middle-aged woman clearly got scared.

This says everything.

Shi Xiaoya was indeed wrongly accused.”

In these discussions, there were naturally real netizens, but similarly, there were many paid posters that Lu Man had hired to keep the momentum going.

To bring the momentum back to point out how Shi Xiaoya had been slandered.

“Do any of you remember Previously, when Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were not yet together, shed posted a photo of a crayfish skewer.

At that time, there were many people accusing Shi Xiaoya of stirring things up, yet Shi Nancang immediately posted a photo, which was also of a crayfish skewer.

And there were also Shen Shian and the others, who also posted.”

“Right, right, right, I remember.

At that time, I even felt, why was it so coincidental that everyone was eating that in the same night There were also people who suspected that Shi Xiaoya was trying to ride on their popularity to boost her own.

Yet now we know that Shi Nancang was totally protecting his younger sister in a domineering way.”

“This is too indulgent.

I really want an older brother like Shi Nancang.”

“Shi Xiaoyas life is way too blissful.

She has a boyfriend like Han Zhuoling and an older brother like Shi Nancang.”

“At that time, Han Zhuoling also posted a photo of a crayfish skewer and even got shipped by Shi Xiaoyas fans.

Indeed, its the fans who have the keenest eyes.

Those people from back then who scolded Shi Xiaoya for trying to latch on to him to boost her popularity, I wonder if their faces are hurting now”

“HAHAHAHA, I just recalled it only when you guys brought it up.

At that time, Han Zhuoling had already secretly pined for Shi Xiaoya.

No wonder Han Zhuoling said that hes liked Shi Xiaoya for a very long time already.

What to do, this feels so romantic!”

“This is too indulgent!”

When the PR manager that Cen Mengqing hired read up to this point, his heart sank.

He immediately contacted Cen Mengqing and said, “Why didnt you tell me Shi Xiaoya is actually from the Shi family!”

Wasnt she setting him up like this

Shi Nancang had said he wanted to find out who the person spreading the rumors was.

This person did not know if he was just saying harsh words.

But what if Shi Nancang was serious

He might not get in trouble, but if the other party had set his heart on making things difficult for him, he would not be able to get away with it so easily.

He just wanted to earn some money and spar against Lu Man.

Who knew hed get into so much trouble for nothing

Cen Mengqing was also dumbstruck.

She had been watching the developments online all along, wanting to see the process of Shi Xiaoya being put in a spot.

At first, when she saw Shi Xiaoya in trouble and getting attacked by so many netizens, she even felt really delighted.

She thought to herself that Shi Xiaoya simply did not know her place and really dared to offend anyone.

She just wanted Shi Xiaoya to see that she was just a minor makeup artist.

Even with Han Zhuoling around, he would not be able to protect her!

There were some people whom she could not easily offend just like that.

There were some people whom she could not fight with just because she wanted to!

Compared to other families, their family might not be able to win.

But if its just to make fun of an insignificant Shi Xiaoya, she could still do it.

Who knew things would suddenly reverse course

Shi Xiaoya, she was actually the younger child of the Shi family.

Of all people, that Shi family was even also their familys archenemy!

Oh, no.

To be more accurate, it was the Xia familys archenemy of the past.

The Shi family no longer saw the Xia family as a rival now.

The Xia family actually really could not do anything to Shi Xiaoya.

“I didnt know either that shes actually from the Shi family,” Cen Mengqing said in a somber voice.

She was furious, to the point of being dumbfounded.

No good thing came out of the Shi family!

Even Shi Xiaoya played weak to trick others!

Previously, when Xia Yixin said things to demean her, Shi Xiaoya could actually hold back and not say anything.

If it were someone else, they would not have been able to tolerate it since long ago.

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