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Chapter 2142: This Is My Biological Younger Sister

On their end, Lu Man asked, “Xiaoya, when you graduated back then on that day, you definitely took quite a few photos.

Did you save them in your phone”

“I have them on my cloud storage,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She used her phone to log in to her cloud service account.

In a folder named “Photos,” she had meticulously grouped the photos into various categories.

One of the categories was named “Jixia Academy Graduation Photos.” She had her graduation photos from primary school all the way until senior high in it.

She picked a few graduation photos from each level from primary school to senior high to download.

Lu Man then let Shi Xiaoya send those to Shi Nancang.

“You can make your stand now,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“With these graduation photos of Xiaoya, you can publicly announce that Xiaoya is from the Shi family.

You can say whatever you want, however you want to say it.

Its fine.”

Shi Nancang immediately rolled up his sleeves as if he was readying to do something very important, then said, “Okay.”

He saved all the photos that Shi Xiaoya sent to him.

When he saw his younger sisters school gradauation photos from the past, he could not help but feel sentimental.

“Aye, in the blink of an eye, Xiaoya is already grown up.

Look at her when she was in primary school, she was just a tiny little thing.

Even after she graduated from senior high, she still looks like a teenage girl.”

As Shi Nancang said that, he even looked at Shi Xiaoya.

His expression was all depressed, seemingly saying, “How did this youthful younger sister of his get taken by Han Zhuoling just like that”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What kind of situation was this that her older brother still wanted to bring up his grudges against Han Zhuoling

“Older Brother,” Shi Xiaoya called in a reminder.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Shi Nancang lowered his head and started typing.

After he was done, he then read and re-read it a couple of times.

He changed some words, and after making sure there was no problem, he then sent it out.

Lu Man and the others refreshed the page and saw Shi Nancangs new post.

“@Shi Xiaoya.

This is my younger sister.

Not my paternal cousin, not my maternal cousin, and definitely not mygodsister (because some dirty-minded people always like to think dirty).

This is my biological younger sister, my biological younger sister born from the same father and mother.

She is the young lady whom our family has doted on since she was young.

The one whom no one can bully.

“To put it bluntly, given our familys wealth, would our dear little girl need to go and be someone elses mistress, and even bekept by someone else Just based on those counterfeit goods from head to toe in the video, can those guys even afford it And I also attached my younger sisters graduation photos all the way from when she was young.

They are all graduation photos from Jixia Academy.

Theyre definitely genuine.

Those who spread the rumors, wait until you receive our familys lawyers letter!”

The photos attached below were Shi Xiaoyas graduation photos from primary school to senior high, totalling nine photos.

Shi Nancang was also an obsessive-compulsive one.

After Shi Nancang posted it, he went to ask his brothers for help to reshare the post to boost its popularity.

Shen Shian and the others were not ordinary people.

They had their own legions of fans who called them “older brother” and “hubby” all the time.

Those who went on the Internet often had some knowledge of and would know them.

Even if men did not really take note of them and did not know how they looked like, they still knew their names.

Shen Shian was the first to come out and reshare Shi Nancangs post.

“Haha, there are actually people who used this trick to smear Xiaoya.

This is too ridiculous.

As long as Xiaoya is willing, long lines of talented men would queue up for her to pick from.

The slander in this video is way too fake.”

Zhong Litao: “Those who spread the rumors must be caught and cannot be let off the hook! We watched Xiaoya grow up since she was a kid.

Shes just like a younger sister to us.

We wont let her get bullied like this.”

Chen Sibin: “All this time, Xiaoya has never purposely mentioned her family before, and thats why Nancang never publicly announced it on his own either.

Xiaoya keeps a low profile and never uses her family to go and bully other people, but this doesnt mean that shes an easy target to be bullied.

This doesnt mean that anyone can come and just bully her!”

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