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Chapter 2138: Lu Man Has Made a Move

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Judging from that womans get-up in the video, shes a classic nouveau riche.

This kind of person, her husband can actually keep a great familys daughter as his mistress What kind of joke is this Besides, whether or not he can afford to keep her as his mistress, how did he even get to know her He has to find a way to get to know her first, right Could he even”

“The amount of money Shi Xiaoyas family has could be used to acquire this womans family company for god knows how many times.”

“Why are you all so sure that this is Shi Xiaoya” someone said, raising doubt.

“The photo might be fake, the best friend might be fake too.

The graduation photo isnt so clear to begin with.

Perhaps its just a lookalike.

It might even be a photo taken with them wearing imitated school uniforms just to fake it.”


OP keeps going on and on about her best friend.

But since you are a normal person, and your best friend could enter Jixia Academy, doesnt that mean that shes not from an average rich family Or how can you both become best friends How did you both know each other”

“The people above are so ridiculous.

You guys are setting up a class barrier for other people.

There are always some people who keep talking about how everyone is equal and how rich people are not above other people.

Yet now, upon seeing that these best friends have no class distinctions between them, some people start stirring up doubt.

Some people already have weak self-esteem right from the start.

This is a form of inferiority complex.”

“How do you guys know that the rich girl doesnt have any average friends When making friends with others, you just need sincerity.

How low of a self-esteem do you people have to think that you wont be worthy to be friends with rich people When it comes to such things, whats there to be worthy or not worthy about You people who think about a persons worth are restricting yourself into a box for the rest of your life.”

“Were going off-topic.

I wont talk about making friends.

Anyway, anything is possible.

But this photo is indeed dubious.

There are way too many photo editing skills now, and all kinds of photoshop programs exist.

Just from this photo alone, we cant tell for sure 100% that it is Shi Xiaoya, right”

“Thats right.

There are so many average people who look just like famous people, so this photo is really nothing much to talk about.”

“I think the two people above are really trying too hard to argue about this.

When the photo came out, you said they photoshopped it.

It clearly is Shi Xiaoya, yet you say that its a lookalike.”

“Haha, whether the photo is real or not is still unclear, this has to be said.

And no one ever posted this photo previously.

Now that Shi Xiaoya had been exposed for being a mistress before, this photo immediately came out.

Could it be that Shi Xiaoya asked someone to send this out”

However, even if there were some ill-meaning guesses and people who just refused to believe it, it did not prevent this photo from being spread around by many people.

And many big entertainment social media accounts shared it too.

[Shi Xiaoyas True Background Revealed]

[The Top Makeup Artist in the Country Is Actually a Rich Heiress

[The Most Low-key Debutante in History]

[Is She a Debutante or a Mistress]

All kinds of headlines that either carried doubts or shock appeared.

But no matter what, this photo was widely shared.

“Lu Man has made a move.” When Han Zhuoling saw the speed at which this was sent out, he found it was way faster than when the other party sent out the video about Shi Xiaoya being a “mistress.”

So he knew this was Lu Mans doing.

Within a short time, the stark difference in skill became apparent.

Previously, with the video of Shi Xiaoya being called a “mistress,” the PR manager that Cen Mengqing hired had also looked for Eight Skin Entertainment.

But Eight Skin Entertainments working relationship with Lu Man was way too good.

The two of them were not only partners, they were also friends.

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