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Chapter 2126: Under Investigation

Could someone like Han Zhuoling, who was so slow to warm up to people, possibly start a new relationship so quickly until he was pampering Shi Xiaoya so much

The two of them might really have gotten together long ago.

For a moment, many people had different guesses about Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya, and Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin laughed gloatingly and said, “Shi Xiaoya, you will never be a match against me.”

Alas, the moment she said that, she heard a cold and stern voice say, “Miss Xia Yixin.”

Xia Yixin whipped her head around instantly.

The other guests present at the scene also turned to look.

They saw a few police officers wearing police uniforms walking in.

Xia Yixins heart skipped a beat, and she instantly felt nervous.

“You are suspected of instigating a person to slander, seriously injuring another persons reputation, as well as bribing that person,” the police officer leading the team said.

“Please follow us back to the police station to assist in investigations.”

Shi Xiaoya actually knew all of these police officers who came.

They were the police officers from that police station where she and Han Zhuoling went to lodge a police report previously.

The police officers who came naturally also recognized Shi Xiaoya.

But they were carrying out public duties now, so they could not just say hello.

Or else, other people might think that they had some shady business with Shi Xiaoya and were not fairly executing their public duties.

Xia Yixin panicked.

The moment the police officer spoke, Xia Yixin subconsciously thought of the incident where shed bribed that middle-aged woman to go and find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

She took two steps back and hid behind Cen Mengqing.

It could not be.

It was such a small matter.

Could it actually alert the police officers to come and catch her

But it could not possibly be because she had just slandered Shi Xiaoya as a mistress that the police officers came right away, right

They would not have come so quickly even if they were fast.

“What are you all talking about I dont know anything! Did you get the wrong person!” Xia Yixin said behind Cen Mengqing.

When Cen Mengqing saw Xia Yixins reaction, what was there not to understand

She knew very well what kind of reaction her own daughter would have under what kind of circumstances.

Hence, she took one step forward and completely shielded Xia Yixin behind her.

“You all suddenly came and wanted to arrest her, but we still dont know what exactly is going on.

There must be some misunderstanding going on here.”

“Whether its a misunderstanding or not, we can slowly talk it out back at the police station.

We will definitely be able to sort it out,” the police officer said coldly.

“Wait!” Cen Mengqing still stopped them from arresting her daughter.

“You cant just take her away like this! You all definitely got something wrong and didnt investigate properly before you came to arrest her!”

Cen Mengqing said, “Even if we go back to the police station and make things clear that its a misunderstanding, if you all arrest my daughter right here and take her away, my daughters reputation would have already suffered.

Who is going to compensate her for this”

The police officer said coldly, “You are obstructing police investigations by doing this.

We can arrest you back to the police station together as well.”

Cen Mengqing was stunned for a moment.

She actually forgot about this law.

The police officer waved his hand and said, “Take her away!”

The police officers behind had already come forward.

Before Xia Yixin could react, she felt a chilling sensation around her wrists.

When she looked, she saw that handcuffs were already locked on her wrists.

In her lifetime, she had worn watches and jewelry that were worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, but she had never worn handcuffs before.

Xia Yixin was on the verge of hysteria.

“Mom, what should I do Mom!”

What else could Cen Mengqing say

She could only leave together with Xia Yixin.

The guests at the scene were all very stunned.

Just now, it was Xia Yixin whod called Shi Xiaoya a mistress.

Its true that theyd not been very sure of the veracity of her claim.

After all, everyone did not really trust Xia Yixins character.

Most of them were just in for the show and felt that, actually, there might be a possibility it was true.

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