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Chapter 2125: Who Did She Become a Mistress to

Dont think that Xia Yixin looked quite joyful going around telling people that the divorce was all because of Han Zhuoling.

No one believed her.

She was willing to say things, so other people just listened and treated it like they were listening to a joke.

Hence, Xia Yixin especially needed a chance to change her current situation.

Now, Shi Xiaoya was Xia Yixins chance.

Xia Yixin now loudly slandered Shi Xiaoya as a mistress.

It was different from the scheme used by the middle-aged woman.

She insisted that Shi Xiaoya already had a thing with Han Zhuoling and that she was the one whod ruined Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixins marriage.

Not only did she smear Shi Xiaoyas reputation with dirty water, she even transferred the focus onto Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Previously, when Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship went public, everyone was very focused on it.

But the focus was on how Han Zhuoling finally had a new relationship after his divorce.

And they protected Shi Xiaoya very indulgently.

Hence, everyone came to make a joke of Xia Yixin.

They wanted to see if Xia Yixin regretted it or not.

She saw how her “robot-like” ex-husband, whom she described to have treated her so coldly, was now so protective of Shi Xiaoya and pampered her so much.

They had long heard before that even if Shi Xiaoya went to the Survivor production as a makeup artist, even if Han Zhuoling was not a guest on that episode, he would also have gone over to see Shi Xiaoya.

He was already so protective of her.

He was so clingy, and he did not even care about his work.

If this was in the past, when did Han Zhuoling ever put down his work for someone else

Yet because of Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling was no longer a workaholic.

The difference then and now was too stark.

Could Xia Yixin not be angry

So, everyone was waiting for Xia Yixins reaction.

Since Xia Yixin wanted to get out of her adultery scandal and shift the focus away from her, she could coincidentally smear Shi Xiaoyas reputation as well.

But she was very bold to do that.

She clearly knew that Han Zhuoling was protecting Shi Xiaoya.

Whether the two of them would last or not, at least now, Shi Xiaoya was untouchable.

It was precisely at this moment when they were so clingy and close to each other that Xia Yixin still dared to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

Because of Xia Yixins loud claim, the people who heard all turned over to look.

Including Yu Mingshu.

“Whats going on Who did Shi Xiaoya become a mistress to” Yu Mingshu asked.

The person beside her shook her head and said, “This is hard to say.

That Xia Yixin is Han Zhuolings ex-wife.

Her character and reputation are quite bad.

The words she say cannot be trusted so easily.

Its better to reserve our judgments first.

“Previously, when Han Zhuoling had just announced his relationship with Shi Xiaoya publicly, Han Zhuoling had already divorced Xia Yixin for quite a long time.

Shi Xiaoya has quite a good reputation in the industry, and shes never had any scandals.

Its actually Xia Yixin who kept going around to talk bad about Han Zhuoling after her divorce.

“Now that she knew Han Zhuoling had gotten together with Shi Xiaoya, its hard to say that she wont just smear Shi Xiaoya out of anger.”

“Looks like Xia Yixins character isnt really good,” Yu Mingshu said.

“Its actually Shi Xiaoya who has a good reputation.”

Or else, there wouldnt be people who would speak up for Shi Xiaoya.

The person beside her chuckled and said, “Its because Xia Yixins character is too terrible.”

Yu Mingshu was not in the country previously.

She did try to catch up with the countrys entertainment industry news because she wanted to come back to develop her career.

However, the news pieces she followed were mostly the current situation and trends.

She did not actually know much about such gossip.

Though there were people like that who analyzed it logically.

There were also people who felt that Xia Yixin might not be lying.

Or else, why would Han Zhuoling suddenly announce his relationship with Shi Xiaoya publicly

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