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Chapter 2118: Im Always Here

“Look.” Shi Xiaoya put their phones side by side and pressed for the phones to light up at the same time.

When the phones were apart, the phone screens showed the other partys photo.

But when their phones were placed together, it became the photo of the two of them kissing.

It was the perfect couple style.

Han Zhuoling felt that this was indeed much better than just using the initial photo he took.

He instantly took a screenshot of the wallpaper and sent it to the 8864 chat group.

Nan Jingheng: “Big news! Who is that woman cropped out in the screenshot Is it Xiaoya”

Wei Zhiqian: “This guy is here to distribute dog food[1].

Throw it, throw it all out now.”

Han Zhuoling did not look at the chat notifications any longer and drove off.

Shi Xiaoya felt bored, so she looked at the chat and watched Nan Jingheng and the others chat with each other.

Watching them chat was quite interesting.

When Han Zhuoling was driving, he kept hearing Shi Xiaoya laugh at the side.

He seized a chance to quickly turn and glance at Shi Xiaoya with a smile on his face, but he did not say anything.

The hotel that Yu Mingshu booked was right where the fashion charity gala was to be held.

Shi Xiaoya got off the car, and Han Zhuoling got off as well.

“Ill book a room here to wait for you to finish work,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoyas face instantly reddened.

This man, he still wanted to play tricks by booking a hotel room

Han Zhuoling laughed in amusement and said helplessly, “What are you thinking in this mind of yours all the time!

“Quick, let me see, what are you thinking about” Han Zhuoling placed his hand on her forehead, as if he was trying to sense something.

Shi Xiaoya felt really embarrassed and quickly protected her own head and said, “No, nothing! I didnt think too much!”

Han Zhuoling clearly did not believe her, but seeing her reddened, pitiful face, he did not continue teasing her.

“I was thinking of booking a room here, so I can just wait for you to be done and we can go back together,” Han Zhuoling said.

“No matter how good a hotel is, its not as comfortable as home.”

“You want to wait for me here” Shi Xiaoya did not expect that.

At first, she thought that he would go back home to rest after sending her over.

“Of course.

After youre done, I still want to drive you home.

If I go back and come again, there might be a traffic jam on the way.

If you wait for me to come and fetch you, it might take a long time.

So why dont I just wait for you here And when youre done, I can just drive you back,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“And if you need anything during this time, Im always here,” Han Zhuoling said.

“This makes me feel more assured.

“Usually, I need to work so I cant keep accompanying you.

But since I have nothing else on now, I will naturally accompany you,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Are you scared that I will get bullied” Shi Xiaoya asked, laughing.

“Not really scared.

Anyway, youre not the kind that can be bullied by other people, but this doesnt mean Im not worried.

As long as I can keep you company, Id still feel more assured staying by your side,” Han Zhuoling said.

Although she really would not let others bully her, with Han Zhuoling by her side, it really would be more assuring.

And hearing him say that, she felt really warmed and touched.

So, she followed Han Zhuoling to first check in to a room.

Shi Xiaoya gave Yu Mingshus assistant a call to find out what her room number was, and then separated ways with Han Zhuoling in the lift.

Han Zhuoling also reached the floor where the room he booked was on.

The moment the lift doors opened, he happened to see Dong Qinrong and two celebrities whom she had just signed on to her own company.

They were a male and a female celebrity, who were Guo Zaixu and Xu Fei, respectively.

As the countrys A-list superstar right now, Dong Qinrong did not sign on to any company but opened her own company instead, then signed contracts with a few celebrities whom she believed had potential.

Xu Fei and Guo Zaixu were among those celebrities under her company.

[1] Chinese slang for PDA

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