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Chapter 2100: Witnessed a Major Hypocritical Scene

Shi Xiaoya did not even knock on the room door and just pushed the door to the study open and went in.

Shi Guanzhong and the three of them noticed it as well, as they did not hear Shi Xiaoya knocking on the room door.

In fact, Han Zhuoling had told Shi Xiaoya about this early on.

That there were no secrets between the two of them, so there was no need for the rule to knock before coming in.

They were all family in their own home, so there was no need to knock no matter which room they went into.

Shi Xiaoya pushed the door open and said to Han Zhuoling, “Dad, Mom, and Older Brother are here.

They just came in.”

When he heard that, Han Zhuoling immediately put aside his work and followed Shi Xiaoya downstairs.

“Dad, Mom, Older Brother,” Han Zhuoling immediately greeted when he saw them.

Shi Nancang would feel his teeth hurt every time he heard Han Zhuoling call him Older Brother.

Han Zhuoling was quite a few years older than him!

First Young Master Han was really not an average person, and even then, he still managed to call him “older brother” so smoothly.

He was really a man capable of accomplishing big things!

Shi Guanzhong, who had agreed previously with Shi Nancang that they would gang up to make things difficult for Han Zhuoling, suddenly defected when he saw Han Zhuoling at this moment.

“We suddenly came over, did it disturb you from work” Shi Guanzhong asked considerately.

Shi Nancang: “…”

Did his dads attitude need to change so quickly

Before they came, theyd already agreed that they would pick and find fault with Han Zhuoling and monitor him, so that he would improve on his flaws.

Who knew that, after they came, hed witness a major hypocritical scene

Han Zhuoling quickly explained, “No, I can do my work anytime.

Family is more important.”

Shi Nancang grumbled in his heart.

He did not think that there would come a day that Han Zhuoling could be so glib-tongued.

If his opponents saw this, especially those whod lost to him, they would surely be shocked beyond words.

“Zhuoling, you keep Dad, Mom, and Older Brother company.

Ill go and prepare lunch,” Shi Xiaoya then said to Han Zhuoling.

“Go on.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

Du Yiqin then reminded her, “Just prepare a few dishes.

Theres not a lot of us anyway, we dont need to eat so much.”

“Dont worry, Mom,” Shi Xiaoya said and returned to the kitchen.

“Dad, Mom, Older Brother, please sit down,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ill go and make some tea.”

“Dont busy yourself, we will be eating soon,” Du Yiqin said.

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Its fine.

We can drink some tea before eating to cleanse our stomach, so we can eat more of the dishes Xiaoya prepared later.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoling went to take the tea leaves.

There was a tea set placed on the coffee table.

Han Zhuoling made the tea for them.

Shi Guanzhong took a sip.

Han Zhuoling then asked, “Dad, Mom, Older Brother, do you want to take a look around our place”

Shi Guanzhong had that same idea when Han Zhuoling mentioned it, so he agreed to it heartily.

Han Zhuoling then showed them around the house.

The floor that Shi Xiaoya was on, Shi Guanzhong and the trio were all very familiar with it.

So, the main point was the floor above.

“For the floor above, after I bought it, I discussed with Xiaoya before connecting it with the floor below.

This made it a little more convenient.

Anyway, we are not planning to sell this flat, so we will keep it as such, and we decided that it would be fine even if we connected the two floors.”

As Han Zhuoling explained, he brought up their future plans.

“My mom has already ordered a villa to gift it to us as our marital home.

Her intention is to suit Xiaoyas wishes, to see whether Xiaoya is more used to staying here or moving to the villa after we get married.

Either is fine.

If we move to the villa, this place will be empty and kept for the memories.”

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