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Chapter 210: Lu Man, I’m Begging You

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Ye Xiaoxing was clearly guilty!

Previously, they had thought that although Ye Xiaoxing was at fault, receiving a warning letter from the company was already a sufficiently severe punishment.

Even if she were to stay in the company, it was most likely that she would not have any opportunity for promotion in the future and neither would any colleague want to get close to her.

Therefore, there was no need to fire her.

Moreover, since her record would have that mark, it would be difficult for Ye Xiaoxing to find a job somewhere else too.

However, now that they knew that Ye Xiaoxing was also involved with the incident of Lu Man’s computer getting affected by a virus, which made Lu Man almost unable to submit her proposal and resign, the rest of them did not sympathize with Ye Xiaoxing that much anymore.

They could have given her a chance if she had made one or two mistakes.

However, she had set a trap to harm someone repeatedly.

Lu Man isn’t a saint either, why should Lu Man have to forgive you after being harmed by you so many times

Was Lu Man a masochist

“Back then… back then when the IT staff returned the pen drive, I touched it too, so my fingerprints will definitely be there too!” Ye Xiaoxing straightened her neck and replied boldly.

Lu Man shook her head.

“That’s impossible.

When the pen drive was returned, I immediately kept it away, so neither you nor Dai Yiran should have had a chance to touch it.

Yet, both of your fingerprints were on it.

The only reason must be that the two of you had touched it beforehand.

Dai Yiran probably passed you the pen drive, right To drag you down with her, she got you to insert the pen drive into my computer’s CPU.

That way, you would be her accomplice and she wouldn’t have to worry about being betrayed by you.

Even if anything were to happen, you two would have to shoulder the blame together.”

Ye Xiaoxing did not expect that Lu Man could guess the exact situation back then so precisely even though she wasn’t present there herself.

How exactly did her brain work!

As she was too shocked, Ye Xiaoxing could not refute in time.

Wu Lize walked out of his office and scolded, “Stop making a ruckus, Ye Xiaoxing, quickly pack up your stuff and head to HR to settle your dismissal.

If you continue this, I’ll get the security up, it wouldn’t look good for you either.”

“Thump!” Ye Xiaoxing surprisingly knelt down in front of Lu Man.

“Lu Man, I’m begging you, help me plead my case to them! I can guarantee you that I will never provoke you ever again in the future.

I’m at fault, this is all my fault, please forgive me.

I’m pleading you, please forgive me, please don’t let the company fire me.

If you, the person involved, forgives me, the company will have to respect your opinion too, right!”

“I’m begging you, please, Lu Man, please help me! We are both colleagues after all, are you really willing to watch me get fired and never be able to find a job ever again Yes, in the past, I always caused you a lot of trouble, but those were all petty stuff, I did not dare to blow things up too much.

Dai Yiran had forced me to do insert that pen drive with the virus.

If it was up to me, I would have never dared to do it no matter what.

Lu Man, it took me a lot to get into Han Corporation.

You do not know how much effort and hard work I’ve put in back then to join Han Corporation.

You can’t just stand there and watch my life get ruined! Please just do me a favor, I know you are a good person!”

Chen Shimian quickly pulled Brother Zhang over and dragged Ye Xiaoxing away.

Wasn’t Ye Xiaoxing just making things difficult

If Lu Man did not help, wouldn’t it feel like it was Lu Man’s fault

As if Lu Man was cold and heartless.

“Ye Xiaoxing, stop making things difficult for Lu Man.” Chen Shimian helped Lu Man to speak some fair words.

“This is the company’s decision, what could Lu Man do The company must have their own reasons for making such a decision.”

“It’s easy for you to say that.

This isn’t happening to you, so you can just stand there and talk, talk is cheap for you!” Anger flared up in Ye Xiaoxing’s red-rimmed eyes.

“That’s enough!” Brother Zhang was displeased.

“This was your own fault, forgiving you would be out of kindness.

Yet, what kindness is there to speak of between you and Lu Man It’s reasonable for her to just do nothing.

Back when you decided to harm her, why didn’t you consider that you two were colleagues after all Lu Man had never provoked you, yet you wanted to harm her.

Now that you really have, what’s wrong with Lu Man not forgiving you I also have some words for you as a colleague.

Save some sense of shame for yourself, just leave graciously, don’t leave behind your last impression as a pathetic woman.”


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