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Chapter 2088: This Move Is Quite Ingenious

Because of her considerateness, Han Zhuoling felt even more heartened on the inside.

When he heard Shi Xiaoyas question, he then lazily answered, “There werent any confessions though.”

Shi Xiaoya could tell the difference in Han Zhuolings words and asked, “So there were others.”

“There were love letters,” Han Zhuoling answered very honestly.

Shi Xiaoya asked, “Dont tell me you have always been this cold and arrogant since you were young”

Han Zhuoling narrowed his eyes slightly.

“So in your heart, thats how you have always judged me Cold and arrogant”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”


Exposed, exposed.

“Haha.” Shi Xiaoya laughed awkwardly.

“Dont mind all these details.

The you now is no longer cold and arrogant to me.”

After all, she already managed to pick him, a flower atop a high mountain off.

“If that is considered cold and arrogant, so be it,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Actually, its not that I ignore people, I just cant be bothered to waste that kind of time.

As long as no one comes to find me, it naturally saves me from taking the initiative to go and find them.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “Its precisely because youre too cold and arrogant, thats why other people dont dare to come and approach you.”

Yet this ended up fulfilling Han Zhuolings wishes.

Han Zhuoling loved peace and quiet, so he would not take the initiative to go and find other people.

This formed a cycle, so all the more no one dared to come and look for him anymore.

Shi Xiaoya narrowed her eyes as she asked, “So no girl dared to confess to you in front of you, and they can only pass you love letters, right”

Han Zhuoling seemed as if he did not sense Shi Xiaoyas jealousy and chuckled as he said, “Yeah.

Those who dared to pass love letters to me in front of my face were considered to be quite brave already.

As for the majority of the rest, they all secretly stuffed it under my table, or in my books.

“There was once someone who stuffed it into my homework.

I didnt know and handed the homework in, so the teacher even saw it,” Han Zhuoling said.

“…” Shi Xiaoya suddenly understood why Han Zhuoling insisted on asking about who had liked her before from childhood until adulthood.

Because she had never been a part of it before, she wanted to know.

But after hearing about it, it made her feel depressed that, actually, so many people liked him back then.

When she could not see it.

He was her boyfriend now!

So the him back then was also her boyfriend, but he had been coveted by other women.

She had a feeling as if her boyfriend had been stolen by someone else.

Lets not even talk about how depressing that felt.

Shi Xiaoya just lunged at Han Zhuoling and bared her teeth as she said, “So this means, you received many love letters at that time”

Han Zhuoling smiled as he nodded, as if he was not afraid of Shi Xiaoya at all.

“How many were there” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling held back his laughter.

“I really didnt take note of this.

As there were way too many, its almost as if I received one every day.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Lost, lost, she lost.

She was already a grown-up person, but her guts were not even as big as those students back then.

She did not even dare to confess to Han Zhuoling before!

Shi Xiaoya clenched her teeth a little and said, “But there was one letter you remembered quite clearly just now.”

“Which one” Who knew if he really did not recall, but Han Zhuoling looked really confused at this moment.

Shi Xiaoya gave a half-smile as she twitched the corners of her lips and said, “Its the one that stuffed the love letter into your homework book.

This move is quite ingenious, at least it made you remember! And you remembered it for decades.”

This time, Han Zhuoling finally sensed Shi Xiaoyas jealousy.

He regretted it a little.

If hed known earlier, he would not have raised this topic.

Yet now, he became the one who got questioned instead.

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