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Chapter 2087: What to Do When You Have a Narrow-minded and Petty Boyfriend

And when they were eating, he did not mention it.

Neither did he mention it when they were on the way back.

Even when they entered the house, he did not mention it.

He had been holding it in until now.

Shi Xiaoya instantly felt like going online to ask for advice.

“What should I do if I have a narrow-minded and petty boyfriend Waiting for advice online now, its quite urgent!”

Shi Xiaoya swallowed hard and laughed awkwardly as she said, “You still remember that”

Han Zhuoling laughed patronizingly.

“Ive remembered it during the whole journey back.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya said helplessly, “How long ago was that already I was still young then, I dont remember it all anymore.

If Mom hadnt mentioned it today, even I wont have recalled it.

Why is it still on your mind”

“Im just curious about my girlfriends childhood.” Han Zhuoling turned to lie on his side and stared at her lazily like a lazy big lion.

But Shi Xiaoya felt that, even though he looked really lazy now, she still felt it was very dangerous.

“My girlfriend is so pretty and has such a cute personality.

She must definitely have been extremely popular since she was young,” Han Zhuoling said.

This wave of praise made Shi Xiaoya feel embarrassed.

“Anyway, this all happened when I was young.

How many years has it been already Those things happened so long ago, I wont have any recollection of them at all,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Im not pursuing the matter.

I just want to know, how popular were you exactly when you were young How many rascals have liked you before What if you have any class gatherings or something I can be prepared early on as well.” Han Zhuoling could be said to have planned well ahead of time.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuoling counted with his fingers as he asked, “Did you have any in kindergarten”

“What kind of joke is that!” Shi Xiaoya was shocked.

“How can I remember what happened in kindergarten!”

That was true.

Even Han Zhuoling felt that he was really being too hard on her like this, so he said, “Then what about primary school”

“Primary school…” Shi Xiaoya thought as hard as she could.

“It was just that one person that my Mom talked about.

I dont even have much of an impression of him.

If she had not said it, I wouldnt have remembered it.

After she said it, I then vaguely remembered that there was such a person.

But exactly what he looks like and what his name is, I really forgot.

Let alone other people, I totally have no impression of him.”

Han Zhuoling nodded with a little more satisfaction.

It was a good thing that she did not have an impression of those men.

“What about junior high school” Han Zhuoling asked.

“…” Shi Xiaoya laughed in anger.

“Dont tell me youre planning to ask from kindergarten up until university”

Han Zhuoling did not say a word, but his expression told her, “Yes, thats right.”

The corners of Shi Xiaoyas lips twitched.

She just lifted her leg and kicked his calf as she said, “Im a dimwit when it comes to such relationship matters.

You know that.

Anyway, you are my first love!”

These words, Shi Xiaoya really said them very indignantly.

It was actually Han Zhuoling who started to feel guilty.

After all, he had been married before!

“Its actually you.” Shi Xiaoya laughed dryly.

However, what made Han Zhuoling surprised was that Shi Xiaoya actually did not talk about his previous marriage but placed the emphasis on his life before his first marriage.

“When you attended school in the past, didnt any girls confess to you” Shi Xiaoya asked.

But Han Zhuoling understood Shi Xiaoya, so the corners of his lips could not help but curve up into a gentle and warm smile.

Shi Xiaoya did not mention his previous marriage because it was an unhappy one for either party.

To Han Zhuoling, that definitely could not be counted as a good memory.

So, Shi Xiaoya did not mention that.

She glossed over that part and treated it as if it did not exist.

She was being considerate for his sake.

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