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Chapter 2082: Playing Tricks with Me

“I cant ask that I be given a title.

Even if I have to be your lover for the rest of my life, its fine with me.

If you can believe me, I even want… want to bear a child for you.

Whether its a boy or a girl, it will be good.

Its not because I want to fight for anything.

I just want to bear a child for you,” Jiang Yujie explained, as if afraid that if she misspoke one line, it might make Lu Qiyuan misunderstand.

“As long as you dont think of ditching me, and let me stay by side to accompany you like a wife, it will be good enough,” Jiang Yujie explained.

“I dont need that paper certificate.

“So… so…” Jiang Yujie cupped Lu Qiyuans hand with both of her hands and said, “I give my everything, my person, my heart, all to you.

Dont ditch me, please”

“Silly girl!” Lu Qiyuan was touched.

He just liked simple girls who did not ask for anything in return like Jiang Yujie.

Who trusted him and admired him so much.

Because of Jiang Yujie, his previously moody temper became much better.

But Jiang Yujie did not want him to forget about Xia Qingyangs incident.

She then reminded him, “Then… for Madam, what are you going to do since something happened Are you going back to take a look”

“Silly girl.

Other people will just think of all kinds of ways to keep their man with them.

You are actually persuading me to go back home to take a look,” Lu Qiyuan said with a laugh.

But because of that, he liked this silly woman even more.

But after Jiang Yujies reminder, he thought of the shame Xia Qingyang had brought to him.

The anger that had finally subsided a little just then now shot back up.

In front of Jiang Yujie, Lu Qiyuan gave Xia Qingyang a call.

He did not intend to leave a single bit of face for his wife in front of his little mistress.

Xia Qingyang had already arrived home with Lu Qi for a period of time at this moment.

When her phone rang, she picked it up and saw that Lu Qiyuans name was displayed on the screen.

Xia Qingyangs face instantly darkened.

Now, he might just be at his other home.

She thought of how, back then, before he divorced Xia Qingwei, he also stayed together with her and also arranged for a place to stay with her.

But that was just a normal condominium.

Yet now, he actually bought a villa for that cheap sl*t!

But before she found out who exactly that cheap sl*t was, Xia Qingyang could not raise the alarm bells.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She then answered the call, “Qiyuan Are you done working”

Xia Qingyang pretended as if she did not know anything.

“No,” Lu Qiyuan replied coldly.

“I just saw the news online.

You and Lu Qi went to find trouble with Xia Qingwei”

Xia Qingyang naturally could not say it was because she suspected that Lu Qiyuan was having an affair, so she said, “I also didnt expect that someone would actually post it online.”

“Why didnt you expect it! Its definitely Lu Man who asked someone to do it! When you went to find trouble with Xia Qingwei, you should have thought that Lu Man would be around and things would not be so simple! You crossed swords with Lu Man so many times before, when have you ever won against her Didnt she win against you guys every single time Given the way this was executed now, its obvious that Lu Man did it.

“Youre telling me you didnt expect it What if youd thought of it, but youre purposely telling me that you didnt Xia Qingyang, you are really something.

Youre starting to play tricks with me now and lying through your teeth,” Lu Qiyuan said sarcastically.

Xia Qingyang immediately said, “No, I really didnt think of it.”

“If you really didnt think of it, then youre just stupid!” Lu Qiyuan shouted angrily.

“Then all the more you cant be forgiven! You clearly know youre stupid, and you still want to go and find trouble.”

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