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Chapter 2080: Clearly Not Smart, Yet They Thought They Were Infallible

But the moment something happened, Lu Man rose up while she suffered.

Lu Qi started to rack her brains and exposed her true self and thoughts more and more.

Then people came to learn that, originally, she was not some gentle and adorable little white lotus.

His home life had turned into this state.

From when did it actually all start

Lu Qiyuan thought about it.

Thinking about it, it started from the time when Lu Man stopped being controlled by them, and Lu Qi time and again instigated him and Xia Qingyang to go and cause trouble for Lu Man.

In the end, Lu Man was unscathed but their family suffered time and again.

And Lu Qi

Although her career did not see any improvements, she did not really embarrass herself before.

Because the one embarrassing herself had been Xia Qingyang all along, and occasionally, he would even be the one embarrassing himself.

And Lu Qi

She hid behind their backs all along, unscathed by everything.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan regained his senses.

That daughter of his, he really could not pin any hopes on her.

And because of that, all the more he would not use his money to support her anymore.

With Han Zhuoli suppressing her, Lu Qi still wanted to make a name for herself

The money he took out to support Lu Qi would all be wasted.

And then, after that, Lu Qiyuan suspected that Lu Qi colluded with He Zhengbai to scheme to get the Lu Corporation.

Exactly how much they had schemed for, he still did not know.

He was looking for someone to look into it.

After all, behind He Zhengbai, the whole He family might very well be involved as well.

He Zhengbai was but a director who studied directing.

He had no idea how to do business, so what could he know

If He Zhengbai was really involved, then the He family would definitely be controlling him behind the scenes.

He Zhengbais father and brothers were incredibly crafty, and they were only after their own interests.

The moment they struck, they would not let someone find them out easily.

Their methods were not simple.

They would not leave any obvious weakness for anyone to spot.

So even if he wanted to investigate, the results would not come out so soon.

But in Lu Qiyuans heart, he had already convicted Lu Qi of wrongdoing.

He was already convinced that it was Lu Qi who colluded with outsiders to scheme against him.

He thought of how he had doted on her so much all this time.

She said she wanted to enter the entertainment industry and become an actress, so he poured in huge sums of money to invest in her.

In the end, all he got in return was Lu Qis betrayal in this manner.

Lu Qiyuan felt bitterly disappointed.

So he also completely saw through Lu Qi.

He knew that this daughter of his was someone he definitely, definitely could not pin his hopes on.

Let alone that woman, Xia Qingyang.

Lu Qi colluded with He Zhengbai to scheme to get the Lu Corporation.

Xia Qingyang was definitely a part of it.

He also saw through Xia Qingyangs true colors now.

This selfish and self-interested woman, she only had herself and Lu Qi in her heart.

Lu Qi turned out like this in large part due to Xia Qingyangs influence as well.

She had completely taken on Xia Qingyangs selfish and self-interested personality and was even worse than her.

But at least, on Lu Qis matter, Xia Qingyang was really not selfish at all and thought about everything for Lu Qis good.

For Lu Qi, who knew how much Xia Qingyang had suffered at Lu Mans hands.

So, when he saw the news this time, Lu Qiyuans first reaction was that Xia Qingyang had been manipulated and instigated by Lu Qi once again.

And Lu Qi could only instigate Xia Qingyang.

Yet this mother and daughter were the same kind.

They were clearly not smart, yet they thought they were infallible.

They thought they were quite smart, but the ideas they came up with were especially ridiculous, and in other peoples eyes, they were absolutely stupid things to do.

Yet they did not have any self-awareness at all.

Fine if they were stupid and embarrassing.

But one of was his wife, the other was his daughter.

If they embarrassed themselves, he would also be embarrassed because of them.

Lu Qiyuan gritted his teeth in anger.

“Whats wrong What happened” Jiang Yujie walked over and sat beside him.

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