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Chapter 2075: Let Him Take Good Care of You I Know

“Lets go to the office first.

Whether its Jiang Yujie or not, we will know when the results of the investigation come out,” Xia Qingyang said.

So Lu Qi started the car and drove off once again.

The two of them reached the office that Xia Qingyang was referring to.

The office was hidden within an office building, and it was quite secluded.

If she was not familiar with it, it would have been quite difficult to find the place.

Lu Qi could not help but ask, “Mom, how did you know of this place”

Xia Qingyang laughed once and said, “How did you think I managed to snatch your dad over back then I relied on coming here to check up on his whereabouts and hobbies.”

Xia Qingyang entered the office, navigating the way there with ease and familiarity, and looked for the director cum detective of the office.

The director had a few disciples and assistants under him, who were in charge of some trivial investigations, to be sent by him as a sub.

When it came to more important situations, the director would still attend to them personally.

Xia Qingyang spoke about her situation and said, “I want to know my husbands whereabouts.”

“No problem,” the director said.

When everything was arranged, Xia Qingyang then brought Lu Qi to leave with her.


On this end, the 100-day baby shower just ended.

Everyone exited Sheng Yue and was standing at the entrance preparing to leave.

The two elderly people left first.

Right after that, Shen Nuo and Han Xijin left together as well.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, as the hosts this time, naturally had to stay until the end to send everyone off before they could leave.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man also stayed behind to keep them company.

Shi Guanzhong, Du Yiqin, and Shi Nancang bade farewell to Wang Juhuai and were about to leave.

Lin Liye was also about to go back with Han Zhuofeng.

Han Dongping followed them at the side.

He did not say where he was going, he just wanted to follow Lin Liye.

Lu Man turned and noticed this uncles cute behavior.

When he was being absurd, he was really absurd, but one had to admit, no matter how absurd he was, he never thought of going beyond his family.

His strong-headed stance in the past was because Lin Liye was willing to pacify him.

Now that Lin Liye was no longer willing to pacify him, Han Dongping felt scared now and made a turnaround to keep pursuing Lin Liye.

Where was his head-of-the-household demeanor from the past

No matter how absurd Han Dongping was in other areas, at least when it came to love, he really did not do anything untoward to his wife.

He was a classic Han Family member.

At this moment, Lin Liye said, “In-laws, we will take our leave first too, then.”

“Have a safe journey back too,” Shi Guanzhong said, smiling.

Lin Liye answered.

When she saw that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were standing together, she then instructed Han Zhuoling, “Take good care of Xiaoya!”

“Xiaoya, if there are any chores to be done, just let him do it.

Dont indulge him.

You got a big man right there, you can use him any time,” Lin Liye said.

Han Zhuoling was Lin Liyes biological son after all.

Shi Xiaoya felt that she could just take her words with a pinch of salt, not treat them seriously.

She just smiled lightly and did not really dare to agree with her.

Lin Liye was not anxious either.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya would know in the future that she really meant what she said and was not biased towards her own son.

Afterward, Lin Liye left together with Han Zhuofeng and Han Dongping.

Shi Nancang suddenly reacted.

Seeing that the elders were no longer around and only Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were left, he felt it was now fine.

Shi Nancang then said to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, “No, you both wait here for a moment.”

Shi Xiaoya was surprised when she heard Shi Nancangs words and even asked, “Brother, whats the matter”

“No, what did Auntie mean by those words just now Let him take good care of you, I know, to let him do any chores there are.

But you two dont stay together, so how can there be any chores for him to do” Shi Nancang felt that was very weird.

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