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Chapter 2074: Self-awareness

“Plus, shes quite smart.

Mom, when a woman judges a woman, its the most accurate,” Lu Qi said coldly.

“And now that its just the two of us, we dont need to talk about those irrelevant things.

We dont need to present ourselves in front of outsiders, so Ill just go straight to the point.”

Xia Qingyang nodded.

Because of Lu Qis words, she treated the matter with importance once again.

“The two of us are the same kind, both fake white lotuses,” Lu Qi said.

Who knew, Lu Qi could actually say it herself.

If Lu Man was here, she would even clap for her.

Her self-awareness was quite on point.

“Were the type that acts innocent and pitiful to make men feel heartache for us,” Lu Qi said.

“Every one of us is roughly the same type, and we are very accurate in our judgment of other people who are of the same type.

That Jiang Yujie is precisely like this.

I can tell with just one look.”

Not only do opposite forces repel each other, but similar types repel each other too.

“And seeing her methods, Im afraid shes one notch higher above us,” Lu Qi said.

Above Xia Qingyang, whose persona had long fallen apart.

And even if it did not fall apart, Xia Qingyang was old now, and she could not pretend to be an innocent little white lotus even if she wanted to.

Lu Qi laughed coldly.

“After I saw her, I instantly went to ask around.

I learned that at that time, she had indeed just entered the company not long ago and did not have any experience at all, and some minor mistakes would occur in her work.

“Minor mistakes dont seem like much, and they wont cause any huge losses.

But if minor mistakes kept repeating, who can stand it Its more likely that a major business deal could suffer losses just because of a minor mistake.

Usually, in the company, which superior can tolerate and keep an employee who keeps making mistakes and did not have any special skill But Dad just tolerated all of it.”

Lu Qi said coldly, “Mom, at that time, when Jiang Yujie did not let me in and after I vented my anger, do you know what Dads attitude was like”

Xia Qingyang frowned and asked, “What was his reaction”

Lu Qi said, “I made quite a fuss because I was really angry.

Dad heard the noise and came out.

When he learned that it was Jiang Yujies mistake, he did not reprimand her at all and even just told her to go back to work.

He was clearly protecting her and letting her quickly run away from me so that I wont be able to make life difficult for her anymore.

“But I didnt think of it in a bad sense then.

I didnt think too much about Dad, I was just worried that Jiang Yujie harbored some ill intentions.” Lu Qi scoffed.

“But thinking of it now, they might have already been cheating in disguise back then!

“Even if they werent together then, Dad definitely had designs on her.

Or else, why would a man, and a superior at that, tolerate her”

Xia Qingyang finally panicked, no longer remaining calm.

“To be honest, when I saw her, its as if I saw myself.” Lu Qi scoffed.

“We were the same kind.”

“That Jiang Yujie, from her name to her looks to her bones, she was just like a white lotus,” Lu Qi said.

“Mom, you have been with Dad for so long.

You can only know too well the type that he likes!”

Or else, Xia Qingyang would not have chosen such a path back then.

Xia Qingyang nodded.

Apart from the previous time with Xia Qingwei, when Xia Qingyang was muddle-headed and did not think clearly…

This time, when she heard Lu Qis analysis again, Xia Qingyang felt that it actually made a lot of sense.

Actually, she already felt a barrier towards Lu Qi.

As for Lu Qis words, she would have her own reservations when she heard them.

She would remind herself to analyze it calmly and not blindly trust Lu Qi again.

Under such a mentality, she still felt that what Lu Qi said made sense.

Hence, she started having her guard up against Jiang Yujie.

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