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Chapter 2073: Ambition

“Mom, you said it too, Im your daughter.

You had been so thoughtful for my sake all along, so how can I not know that Im not so callous as to use you! This time, I made the wrong judgment! You cant think of me in such a sinister manner just because of my error in judgment.

“If youre sad, I feel even worse! I was just helping you to analyze, hoping to find out who that mistress is.

Just because I made a wrong judgment, you thought of me in this way.

How can you think of me like this” Even though Lu Qi was no longer popular, she had acted properly in shows before.

Wouldnt her tears come when she wanted them to

At this moment, her eyes turned red, and tears welled up in them.

“Mom, you said just now that you could do anything for me.

The two of us are really the ones standing on the same side, so how can you still suspect me Im your daughter! You actually dont believe me!”

As Lu Qi said that, her tears started to fall.

She sounded so upset when she said that, which made Xia Qingyangs heart soften again.

She could not help but wonder if she really thought too much about it and misunderstood Lu Qi.

After all, she watched Lu Qi grow up.

She poured in so much effort for Lu Qi, and Lu Qi knew it too.

How could Lu Qi bear to use her

Anyone with a bit of conscience would not use their own mother like that!

Lu Qi would also not do that.

Anyway, she would have done anything that was for Lu Qis good to begin with.

How could she resent Lu Qi for this, then

She was the one who thought of it in the wrong way.

Xia Qingyang anxiously said, “Qi Qi, its my fault.

I shouldnt have misunderstood you.

Dont cry anymore.”

Lu Qi shook her head.

“I also know that its my fault.

Because of me, you got implicated time and again and you suffered.

You could have lived comfortably as a rich lady, but because of me, you came out and became a laughingstock to others, and you suffered so much.

Mom, I know all of that.”

Xia Qingyang was so touched that her eyes reddened and tears welled up in her eyes.

She did not put in all that effort for nothing.

Whatever effort she had put in, Lu Qi had taken it to heart and knew about all of it.

That was enough.

“Mom, I really think that theres a possibility that its Jiang Yujie.


You said that I was using you when I said that theres a chance it might be Xia Qingwei, but for Jiang Yujie, what can I make use of you for” Lu Qi sniffled and gently wiped her tears as she said, “I really did not think of our conflicts with Xia Qingwei and her daughter previously, but I didnt think that it would make you misunderstand me now.”

“Dont talk about it anymore.

I was the one who misunderstood you.

Its all my fault,” Xia Qingyang said.

Lu Qi stopped talking about Xia Qingwei and said, “Mom, that Jiang Yujie, I saw her before.”

“Oh” Xia Qingyang also very tacitly stopped bringing up unhappy matters.

The mother and daughter acted as if the incident earlier on did not happen.

But whether there was a knot in their hearts, only the two of them would know.

Lu Qi then talked about Jiang Yujie.

“That time, I saw her in the company.

At that time, it seems like she had just started working not long ago and didnt recognize me.

I wanted to go in to look for Dad, but she actually dared to stop me.

Among the people in the company, who doesnt know the two of us! Whenever we went over, no one dared to stop us before.

“Her fellow employee helped her out and said that she was a newcomer who didnt know any better and hadnt seen me before.” Lu Qi scoffed.

“Who was she kidding

“Even though I did not have many resources left by then, just given my previous fame, Im not that easily forgettable, right And I put on makeup before I went over.

I did not cover myself up at all, yet she said she didnt recognize me.

Thats just her lying with her eyes wide open.

At that time, I already felt that she might be someone with ambition.

Who knows how she will sow discord behind our backs”

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