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Chapter 2071: Use Me as a Knife

“Of course,” Xia Qingyang said coldly.

“I have to investigate where his outside residence is thoroughly, and I want to know who exactly is that woman!”

Lu Qi thought about it and said, “I think that assistant of Dads is very suspicious.

“She is young and pretty, and she looks weak and gentle, like she is especially easy to bully.

Its very easy for her to invoke a mans protective desire.” Lu Qi did not say that Jiang Yujie looked just like she was better than her mother at acting.

Xia Qingyang did not speak for a long while.

She turned and just stared quietly at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi finally turned to look at her.

She felt a pang of guilt being stared at like this by Xia Qingyang.

“Mom, whats wrong Why are you looking at me like this”

It was oddly creepy.

Xia Qingyang just stared at her silently like that for quite a while before she said, “Lu Qi.”

Lu Qis heart suddenly dropped.

Xia Qingyang had always called her “Qi Qi.” This time, she suddenly called her by her full name, and her tone also sounded so cold.

Lu Qi forced a smile and asked, “Mom, whats with you”

“Are you really doing this for me Or are you just instigating me, using me like a knife” Xia Qingyang had calmed down now.

She now knew that Lu Qiyuan was having an affair.

But before the investigation results came out, she could not do anything.

After her anger had dissipated, her sense of reason returned.

The things that happened previously played out scene by scene in reverse motion in her mind.

From the time when Lu Qi completely did not care about her and only cared to hide herself, and to the start when she instigated her to go and find trouble with Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingyang said coldly, “Qi Qi, you are my daughter, so I never guarded myself against you.

I believe whatever you say.

As long as its for your good, anything you asked for, I have never rejected before.

But I never ever thought that youd set me up like Im a fool.”

“Mom, what are you saying Why would you think of me in this way” Lu Qi parked the car at the roadside, then took a deep breath before she said, “I have always been on your side.

No matter what happened, I always spared a thought for you.

You saying this about me really breaks my heart.”

“Really” Who knew if Xia Qingyang believed her.

“When I suspected that your dad was having an affair, you led me to Xia Qingwei.

Actually, thinking about it now, thats just impossible.

No matter who hears that, it will just sound impossible and unbelievable to them.

“But I still believed you, because you are my daughter.

I felt that no matter when, we are both on the same side.

Since you were young, I did everything for you, and for you, I could do anything.

As long as you requested for something, there was nothing that I did not agree to,” Xia Qingyang said, feeling bitterly disappointed.

“As long as it was something that was good for you, I will always do it readily,” Xia Qingyang said.

“For you, I always tried my best to marginalize Lu Man and finally push you up to be the successor.

For you, I kept suppressing Lu Man, not letting her show that she was more outstanding than you.”

“Even afterward, when Lu Man could no longer be controlled and you actually got harmed by her to the extent that your career kept spiraling downhill, in order to help your career, as long as it was something I could do, I did all of them.

Afraid that you would get negative news coverage, which would add fuel to the fire on top of your existing scandals, I always came out to be the one helping make a scene.

“Why do you think I gradually revealed my original self in front of your dad” Xia Qingyang asked her back.

“Its because I want to help you! To help you, I can even go on the streets and quarrel with someone.

In front of your dad, I did what I did.

After that, whats the point of continuing to put up a pretense Everything was too late.

So I just went all the way.”

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